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SAP TechEd Experts Networking Lounge – to TechEd through the back door

I have to admit, when I received an email with my SCN Top Contributor certificate, I was a bit puzzled. What on earth did I do to deserve that status?? I didn’t solve any problems in the forums, I didn’t blog excessively, and although I am very happy with the attention my contributions got, it’s certainly not anything close to “top”. Well, meanwhile Craig gave me a little insight in how this might have happened and – more importantly – the question “why me?” has completely be replaced by the question “what can I get out of it?”.

Selfish? Yes! Hate me if you want to 😉

Last year, I had the chance to attend TechEd in Las Vegas, doing “marketing” work for our research project Blue Ruby (if you haven’t heard about Blue Ruby, that’s what I blog about…). I was amazed by the density and quality of information I could get there. Even as an employee, it is close to impossible to keep track of what’s going on in a company as big and as diverse as SAP. If you are a customer or partner, it must be even more difficult – meet me (at TechEd Phoenix) and tell me how you manage that.

So last year’s TechEd was great – but how could I convince my boss to let me go again? No Blue Ruby sessions planned, not picked for the demo jam (wow, there must be some really cool demos this year, because I thought ours was awesome), and personal education is not enough to get the budget these days – perfectly accepable but still unfortunate.

But then the SCN Top Contributor status started to pay off – I received an invitation to hosts up to three sessions at one of the booths of the Experts Networking Lounge. And finally I could justify the costs – I can talk to some of our Blue Ruby trial users in person, make the work we do in the Office of SAP’s Chief Scientist Ike Nassi more visible, and I’m sure I can get more ideas on how to position scripting languages within SAP. So I’m just happy!

One question remains – will I be able to renew my Top Contributor status next year?

Without question, I’ll do whatever I can – and I encourage all of you to do the same. You never know what’s in it for you…


Meet me at SAP TechEd in Phoenix (Experts Networking Lounge)

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  • Thanks for sharing your “story” – good to hear your sessions are brining you to TechEd. I run the experts networking lounge and hope that other experts will learn from you on how to promote their sessions. Look forward to meeting you.