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Automating Shipping of Handling Units

This piece covers the scenario of improving efficiency in shipping process of outbound goods to internal (affiliates) customers. Such a scenario is frequent wherein manufacturing plants are shipping large volumes of goods to their Distribution Centers worldwide.


This scenario has following challenges:

a)      Large volume of goods to be shipped

b)      Multiple Internal Customers to be shipped

c)      Generation & Communication of  Delivery Note and Commercial Invoice

d)      Reduced Shipping shop floor efficiency

e)      Accommodation of last minute shipping decisions

f)       Shop floor effort


To meet the above challenges the following custom design can be implemented:


Design: Once Handling Unit is selected all the transactions including generation of Delivery Note and Commercial Invoice are performed in background


The following steps are to be done:


Create Storage location for each of the Internal Customer (Plant remains same for all Storage location as it is the same manufacturing unit supplying for all)

Print output for Delivery Note & Commercial Invoice (Delivery)

Email output for Delivery Note & Commercial Invoice (Delivery)



A single development to perform all the transactional steps. It will propose the Handling Units (ready for shipping) for a given Customer based on the Plant and Storage location entered on selection screen and once HUs are selected by the User, it will create:

 a) Stock Transport Order in background (program will flash STO # on the screen)

(Program derives material, quantity and batch numbers are taken from the HU and put on PO item details. PO details are derived from custom table having Plant, Sloc, PO order type, Purchase organization, Vendor, Company code, Purcahse Group, Confirmation Control key, Receiving Plant and Storage location)


 b) Create Outbound Delivery in the background for the Stock Transport Order from last step and perform Post Goods Issue (program will flash Delivery # on the screen)

(Program derives Material, Quantity and Batch numbers; trays are taken from the HU and put on Delivery details)

Variation : If the destination plant is not in SAP system than program creates Outbound delivery without refrence using details (Shipping point, Sales Area, Ship to party) from custom table.


c) Print outs and Email communication for Delivery Note & Commercial Invoice is generated at the time of Post Goods Issue of the delivery

Email helps receiving plan persons to know and plan for the receipt of  the shipment. Physical copies of the outputs accompany physical shipment.


d) Error Handling: A custom error table is created as a part of the design which would hold the details (from where the same can reprocessed) in case of errors in the shipping cycle.


Further Improvement: Using the hand held scanner device (with RFID set-up), user only has to scan the Handling Unit label and than rest of the steps would be done in background. User can perform the transactions from the shop floor and can manage more shipping quantum.

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