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VCD #10 – Playback

This session is to share experiences and lessons learnt from simultaneous multi-country (across continents) Global Rollout. The challanges faced were both technical (parallel releases in different stages of development / configuration, staggered test cycles for multiple countries) as well as Organisational (best way to manage Cutover in multiple countries simulatenously). To facilitate the Rollout the Project Organisation Structure was modified to separate Design/Development activities from Deployment with separate teams. The Cutover and post Go-live Hypercare Support responsibilities was suitably restructured. Added to that is the tight integration between Onsite and Offshore teams.


Speaker: Somnath Manna


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  • Guys, I missed this one in real time due to some tech issues, but was happy to watch the replay this weekend, so thanks for posting so quickly.

    Somnath, I thought this was a really outstanding presentation. In particular, the sophisticated use of outsourcing throughout the project, including the design process, has many insights. The designated process owner structure also is something to learn from. The focus on “lessons” learned made this webinar very helpful. It will be interesting to see how you do when you enter the next upgrade phrase, keep us posted!

    – Jon

    • Hi Jon
      Thanks for your feedback. The “lessons learnt” is actually put to good use. My current offshore sub-team is completely new with only one consultant (out of six) who has been there 1.5 years now. As for the Upgrade – its not due to “GoLive” till 2012. All I know is its going to be a project release by itself (given the amount of enhancements current solution has) but will be upgraded to the latest and greatest SAP has to offer around then.
  • I too had to rely on the playback (which is easy to listen to and follow)in order to participate asynchronously.  I particularly enjoyed seeing participation from experts who work in different consulting environments and the candor of the ensuing conversation.  Great that Somnath shared from his real experiences in a real industry context with his knowledge of a “whole world” set of go-lives.
    Of particular interest were the descriptions of the roles of the process design teams and Solution Teams and Somnath’s references to legal implications, perhaps an element overlooked in many rollouts (not just multi-national ones).
    As a follow-up, I would be interested in knowing more about the collaboration methods between these teams.  thanks Somnath et. all.
    • Hi Marilyn,
      I had to come up with alias names for the different teams for confidentiality reasons but the different teams as described and their roles and responsibility is actual. The legal implications are not only country-specific but getting broad-based like REACh which has strict requirements.
      As for collaboration nothing special – MS Communicator, Netmeeting is pretty much lifeline. Of course between Process Design and Solution Design team there is good amount of collaboration (read regular meetings) during high-level design stage. All documentation resides in Web-based KM repository. The key is clearly defined steps of review and approval required for each document related to configuration / enhancement / data object.