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Typical BPM Workflow HOWTO on NW CE 7.1 Ehp1: Scenario 2 – Parallel branch

Hello Everyone,

Thanks again for joining in my blog series titled Typical BPM Workflow HOWTO. As I had introduced in the Typical BPM Workflow HOWTO on NW CE 7.1 Ehp1: Scenario 1 – Automating the workflow routing, I suggest to take a closer look at the 1 hour recorded session if you are interested in the demo.

Remark: The contents require beginner level knowledge of NW BPM on 7.1 Ehp1.

Scenario 2: Parallel branch

In the previous scenario, we discussed the common use case in which you can understand why Exclusive Gateway is so important. In BPMN you have other gateways in different flavor – they are called Parallel Split and Parallel Join gateways.

 Let’s have a look at this common use case –


In such situation you need Parallel gateways. Please pay a special attention to the gateway icons below – they are “+” sign.

Note that if you want to make it dynamically split at runtime, Ehp1 can’t offer it. This is called Dynamic Parallel and this will be available in the next CE720 release – one of the most important updates on 720.

Common pitfall:  This gateway is easy to use and useful. However this gateway is well known as “the one of typical reasons of workflow deadlock”. So you must understand why and what you have to be careful of and its best practice. Soeren Balko wrote excellent blog article How to avoid modeling errors in Netweaver BPM? Part 1: Gateway fun! This is a must read if you work with Parallel gateways.



Well that’s it for today. Like I wrote before, the idea of this blog series is to collect your idea of

 – “Very common workflow use cases” but you don’t know how to implement them with NW BPM.

So please feel free to drop your common use case if you have any. Talk to you later! Out. 

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