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Inside the SAP Community Network: The Book

Awhile back I Path to Recognition – The Book about a new project I was working on, well it’s so far along that there’s no turning back now – you can pre-order it!

When I found that out today I almost fell over, the weeks and months have already gone by so quickly? What the cover art is done? What you can pre-order it? 

It’s exciting to be sharing these stories and this history with everyone, as well as sharing all of you (see the previous blog for how you can be part of the book) but it’s also scary so much time, energy and thought has gone into it that I’m not sure I’ve given it justice or not (and I’ve not even finished it yet!) most of my free time has been devoted to this as well as a long walk down memory lane as I relive many of those “critical” moments in the community – you know the ones that are just a massive headache as opposed to “critical” turning points until much later when you reflect back upon them.


When I first saw the cover I thought, this is real, I’m really writing up a book about my “tenure” with the community and now that the site is live to pre-order I’m blow away that it’s so close to being completed.

Thank you everyone in the community who has helped to make this place the great place it is and for making my job one of the most interesting and unique ones I’ve ever had! 

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  • I’ve ordered and am looking forward to reading the  story of …well… all of us, the SCN community.  And I’m pretty sure it is the unabridged, tell it like it is version, insider look, no?
  • Awesome Craig….can’t wait to read this. Book projects can be a long ridiculous haul, but the end result can really be a worth all that.
  • Hi Craig,

    I’m looking forward to read your book. I’m currently working on the new Visual Composer book, which will be published at the end of november this year (

    I know from myself that it is a lot of effort needed beside the daily work. I’m almost full time on the customer side as a consultant. It needs a lot of self discipline to work on the book. Sometimes I thought when I was writting some parts in the plane, what am I doing? – Working the whole week 12 or more hours a day and on the way home in the plane I’m writting a book and also on the weekend I will spend most of my time on the book.

    I know you and that you have a family with young kids, that’s why you have absolutely my respect! – I think that we as the community have to say thanks to your family that they understand and accept that you spend a lot of your time for writting the book.