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Reporting Scenarios involving BOBJ InfoView and/or SAP EP and/or SharePoint

This is quite an interesting topic as it involves three different “portals” (I clubbed them in the context of this blog) from three different organizations (now two) – SAP/BusinessObjects and Microsoft.

As always Customer is the ultimate decision maker, a lot depends on what is already being used and what customer is most comfortable with.

But looking at the products in SAP domain, SAP EP is very strong in its usage as Corporate Portal and thus integrating the BOBJ InfoView to it would come as a natural choice instead of having it as a separate link for just reporting purpose. SharePoint is also a very strong offering from Microsoft and is widely used as the corporate portal by numerous organizations with multiple applications. Here again the above logic will apply to integrate BOBJ InfoView.

Let’s look at various possible scenarios closely-

1) Customer has SAP EP but not SharePoint: I would strongly suggest continuing to use SAP EP as the single point of contact for any user across the organization. Demonstrate to the customer all the ways to integrate and navigate BOBJ InfoView/Reports within SAP EP.

Following are the options:

– to just click at one of the menu options invoking BOBJ InfoView in a separate window

– to integrate BOBJ InfoView in a way that all navigation in it happens within the main window

– to integrate each report as an iView within in the SAP EP


As per my experience most customers select first or second option. In some cases customer sometimes goes for third option for some specific reports.


2) Customer has SAP EP as well as SharePoint: Though BOBJ InfoView/Reports can be integrated effectively with both SAP EP as well SharePoint, I would suggest using only one of them for integration, preferably SAP EP as it is the parent organization and there is more scope for future synergies. But if customer primarily uses SharePoint and SAP EP is only for limited use than he may opt for SharePoint too. This scenario has to be evaluated very thoroughly.


3) Customer doesn’t have EP but has SharePoint: If customer is satisfied with SharePoint then he can either go for complete integration with SharePoint wherein all content will be published inside the SharePoint or he can opt to keep BOBJ InfoView as a separate link for Reporting purpose (which may be invoked from SharePoint). The actual choice may vary from customer to customer depending upon their usage of SharePoint.


4) Customer doesn’t have EP or SharePoint: Going for standalone BOBJ InfoView is the best solution. Though in long term if customer wants to implement SAP EP then the scenario would become similar to scenario 1.

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  • … but reality is obviously much more complex with integration of any of those portal technologies in any combination, mostly in the area of security and presentation (in case of embedded reports).


    • Yes it is not a quick fix scenario. A proper strategy should be laid out incorporating the feedback/results from initial demos and the pilot project.