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Introduction to the Precalculation Server

The Precalculation Server is a stand-alone running software. It can be used to create Excel spread sheets based on SAP BI data and created BEx workbooks. The excel file can be delivered to the users via Information broadcasting. 

The Precalculation Server can be installed on Windows XP and Windows server 2003 machines. Unfortunately the Precalculation Server does not work with Windows Vista. For using the Precalculation Server you will need an Excel installation ready on the machine.  / The latest version of the Precalculation Server also supports Microsoft Excel 2007 /. The .NET framework v1.1 also has to be installed on the client machine.

h4. Downloading the installation file

You can download the Precalculation server from the service marketplace. It can be found under:   Download   > Support Packages and Patches   >   Support Packages and Patches – Entry by Application Group  >>  SAP Frontend Components   >   BI ADDON FOR SAP GUI   >   BI 7.0 ADDON FOR SAP GUI 7.10   >   Win32 >>>  xPreCalServer

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      1. Former Member
        ALso i need to know, if we need to increase the hardware of the existing hardware of the precal server box or we have to install multiple precal server to leverage the load.
        1. Dezso Pap Post author
          Hello Vitaly,

          I checked and as I found SAP does not have specific documentation on sizing.
          Please read note: #1236773
          It contains the informations what are necessary for a precalculation server instance.

          As I found for high load load balancing across multiple host is recommended.

          Best regards,

  1. Former Member
    Hi Dezso,
    It is said that Precalc server is something you cannot count on (and honestly, I completely agree with this). I have faced this problem many a times now.
    I Broadcast (Automated broadcast via Process Chain) my workbooks today morning after which the precalc server is not used the entire day. Now, if I check the status of this server in the evening in TX – RSPRECADMIN, I see the status as RED.
    I restart the server (Service manually), the status changes to GREEN. But next morning, at the time of broadcast, the status is RED again (Since its not used the whole night).
    Could you please let me know if there is any sol to this. I have scheduled a BGD job in windows but this is not a foolproof method of going about this problem.

    Expecting your reply soon.
    Sreekul Nair.

    1. Dezso Pap Post author

      this more likely a problem for the SAP BW Support team. I would recommend to open customer message for this issue. This will require deeper analysation.
      SAP is continously working on improving the quality of the precalculation server. I would recommend you to check wether you have the latest one installed and if note update it.

      Best regards,

    1. Former Member
      Hi Amit,
      I´m facing the same Problem here. I want have one Precalculation Server for the DEV and QA System on one Windows Server. The Load should not be a Problem, but I could not find anything about this so far.
      Did you find an answer for your Question?


  2. Former Member

    i have correctly installed a prec server and it seems to run well. The issue is that in the RS_PREC_PLAN no workbook is available via matchcode

    have u any idea for that ?

    Thanks & Regards


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