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Coming up a Level in Our Process Thinking

Yes There Will Be an SAP Teched BPX Process Design Slam 

Many have been asking about this year’s BPX Process Design Slam which will have its Second Annual SAP TechEd Evening Event co-located with RIA Hacker Nite during the week of SAP TechEd Phoenix , Vienna and Bangalore.

Some might remember last year’s activity in Berlin and Bangalore when Marc Dietrich explained the challenge of the Process Design Slam (youtube clip).

So What’s the Slam’s Evil Plan This Year?

What began last year as a light-hearted evening learning/social gathering of Business Process Owners, Architects, Analysts, Modelers and (yes and importantly) Developers has evolved this year into a virtual community collaboration applying BPM design and implementation methodologies and tools to solve a business challenge.

Our focus this year began as a somewhat utopian exercise triggered by a conversation with Tom Raftery (Lead analyst GreenMonk) who (together with the virtual slam participants) began dreaming up a sustainability scenario for which the virtual team could then model and execute in BPM.

“Consider that a local township or neighborhood decides to aggregate the power generation of its residential households and commercial establishments and act as a “virtual power plant” or composite power producer.  This not only allows the entity to negotiate favorable rates ….but could also encourage investment in power or wind by owners, investment in the smartgrid itself, and even allow reselling of micro-generated power.  The approach stimulates interesting ideas such as enabling demand response, encouraging residents to lower consumption during peak power demand hours so as to maximize the amount of available power generated by the township which in turn enhances revenue” (from Virtual Community Power Plant Processes)

The participants have been working the past few weeks brainstorming, prototyping some process models, defining roles and discussing the format of the evening itself.

Agenda Suggestions

The team brainstormed (wikistyle) it’s own Design Slam SAP TechEd Agenda which is a work-in-progress:

Some ideas concerning actual event planning
TechEd Planning Details: (as per Dick Hirsch)

  • Inroduction to Process Slam (How the night will proceed) (10 mins)
  • Introductions of participants (10 mins)
  • Introduction to Process (20 min).
  • Divide into teams (10 mins)
  • Process Design (30 mins)
  • Adapation of Process with CE 7.2 (1 hr)
  • Presentation (each team 10 mins)
  • Judge responses (10 mins
  • Participation Details

    To listen to a recent telcon we held : click here

    To participate in our virtual activities: add your name to the wiki here

    To sign up for/attend SAP TechEd 2009 Process Design Slam evening events: fill the form here 

    The title of this blog post comes from a quote from John Harrikey, SAP mentor and CSA Director of Enterprise Strategy and IT Architecture.  (More of that to come in a next blog).

    In the coming days I’ll highlight as many as I can of the Process Design Slam participants so you can get to know them better and understand what domain expertise each brings to this project.  And for those lucky folks coming to SAP TechEd 2009 you’ll have the chance to engage with many of them onsite and in the community clubhouse.

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      • “Approaching sustainability from an unexplored angle” this was an important message in this engaging video:  Usemore
        I think the group has ideas aplenty but what might be missing in our Process Slam resource group is someone who can find a short, visual way to tell the story of the business problem the group is trying to solve for.  I loved the clip’s simplicity and great use of dashboards to help an audience quickly understand what they were trying to accomplish.  No wonder they won the competition.  Our group’s ideas are no less unique. How can we better storyboard?
    • Looking at the buzz – the secondary literature in the wiki – spawned by this Slam proposal, I think it’s a lot more than somewhat utopian. It’s a basis for a potential future SME industry solution. We could develop a packaged app that allows an entrepreneurial self-starter to go into a community, be it an industrial park or a prosperous suburb or a remote township, and organize the stakeholders into an energy collective that makes profits for them all. Once we have the process off pat, the app could lead to millions of such collectives worldwide. SAP would have made a substantial and visible contribution to energy efficiency and could boast its green credentials thereafter in good faith. So I say we should not only play this Slam game for the fun it will obviously be but also remember that here is an idea with serious business potential. It gets my vote.