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Virtual Community Day (VCD) – Session #7


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September 14, 2009 4:00 PM CURRENT GERMAN TIME Principles for Low TCO Applications in Web Dynpro Java


In order to write low TCO applications in Web Dynpro Java, it is important to understand what functionality is provided for you by the Web Dynpro framework.If developers do not have a clear understanding of what the Web Dynpro framework can do for them, they often write large blocks of excessively complex coding as a workaround – not for any flaws or gaps in the toolset, but simply because they are not aware that such functionality has already been provided by SAP. Consequently, such applications become difficult and time-consuming, and therefore, expensive to maintain.
1) Factors Behind Poor Web Dynpro Implementations    o Misunderstanding the Purpose of Web Dynpro Java    o Lack of Developer Training    o Scope Creep    o The “Vicious Circle” Scenario
2) Good Design Principles for Components    o Understand the Web Dynpro programming model    o Understand Web Dynpro Components and how to use them 


3) Good Design Principles for Controllers


Speaker: Chris Whealy

This speaker will physically be at the Vienna and Bangalore SAP TechEd event !

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  • Germany, Frankfurt: +49 69 71044 5497
  • USA, New York: +1 212 999 6675
  • Brazil, Sao Paulo: +55 11 3351 7063
  • China, Beijing: +86 1051 600 043
  • China, Shen Yang: +86 24 62668111 
  • France, Paris: +33 1 70 99 43

Participant Code: 6399291986  

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