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Mass/Batch Processing of Work items in UWL

I want to share my experience through this blog, regarding the Bulk/Mass Processing of work items in UWL. During my recent project, client comes with requirement for the mass approval and rejection option for the items in UWL that will assist managers in the organization to quickly manage/process the work items. When I first saw the requirement, I knew, that SAP has provided such functionality, but I was not clear, how to accomplish the task. In this blog, I tried to explain the process steps. Before getting in detail, I assume that you are familiar with UWL and how it renders work items from SAP Business Workflow. Also, your UWL is configured properly with backend system through UWL Administration and Configuration Iview (i.e. UWL Systems are registered properly).  *Concept:* We need to create the subviews based on the Task id to show sufficient information to allow quick processing. Here we will create custom views (Decision Views) for specific tasks. *Important Point**: * The Task Id to which our custom view will be linked must be “User decision Type”. We can create specific views for user decision. User decision is a type of step in a workflow.  Normally this step gives the user a few options, and the user selects one of the options. User decision options are available only in the item preview or the item detail windows. We can customize the user decision to have the choices appear as check boxes in the columns. Additionally, a user can make multiple choices at the same time and execute all the decisions with one click. Task should be of following type, where we can implement User decision view for batch/mass processing of items. 1·Generic User Decision 2·Terminating Events 3·Work item Completion with Container Update* *


Below is the Standard UWL task View.image

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  • I like the idea and I’m sure users really appreciate it when they have many UWL tasks to perform.

    I’m sending a link to the blog to some of my colleagues who work with UWL.


  • Hi Dheer,
    We are looking for mass processing of work items when the Task ID of the work items is not a User Decision Type.
    Is there any way to achieve this?


    • Hi Veera,
      In my openion, NO.
      Without UserDecision, how you will process the Work-items in bulk.?? either u have to approve or reject them…correct.?
      If i miss something, please explain.


    • Hi Veera ,
      We can do mass processing even if the task is not  a User decision Type .In this case we need to use handler=”FunctionModuleActionHandler” and call function module.


      • Hi Deer/Piyush,

        Did you ever tried using ‘FunctionModuleActionHandler‘ to achieve mass Approve/Reject of work items? Is there any other alternate to achieve the same?

        The TaskID i’m using for Shopping Cart approval/rejection is TS14508044, when I see the handler used is ‘FunctionModuleActionHandler’. In PFTC

        Object Type: ‘/SAPSRM/CL_WF_PROCESS_MGR_SBWF’ 

        Method: ‘WORKITEM_EXECUTE’

        Is this a workable solution with the above parameters???