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Funny BPM Cartoon from Gartner: Emotional vs Analytical Sides


Recently, I found a funny set of BPM-related cartoons on a blog from Gartner Analyst Daryl Plummer that discuss “the emotional side and the analytical side” of BPM projects (Unfortunately, I couldn’t read the research note that accompanies the cartoon). 

Note: Look at the blog to see the full set of cartoons  

I  thought it was interesting that a male figure represented the emotional side of things – going against the usual gender stereotypes. The association of “emotions” with an emphasis on culture and organization is also intriguing (Obviously, this focus is referring to organizational change which is critical for success of BPM). 

Not only did I find the cartoons amusing but I was reminded of a discussion that we had on SCN last year about Geeks and Suits relating to different “personalities” involved in BPX projects. Before reading the Gartner cartoons, I really hadn’t thought of conflicts between emotions and analytical character traits in BPM projects. I tried to combine the two perspectives – for example, do “Geeks” represent the emotional or the analytical side of BPX work but couldn’t quite make a decision if the two perspectives were talking about the same thing or just describing different aspects of process improvement projects.  

Why don’t you take a look at the cartoons yourself and make a decision on your own if this perspective enhances our existing understanding of the BPX or whether we must expand its definition.

Note: Lately, I’ve been spending time exploring BPM communities from other software vendors and analysts and I’ve discovered very interesting content. I’m trying to surface this content from these other BPM-related communities in SCN, because I feel that synergies between SCN and these other communities is very important

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  • It was actually in May of 2007 that I first posted a graphic for the BPX Community Project. And looked for a BPX Community Project Logo
    The girl with the glasses could be thought of as more analytical looking, but actually I was hoping for (excuse the “cliche” )a geek girl association. 
    Since Craig evangelized SDN and I the BPX community, I wanted to “mix it up a bit”.
    The ideas of Geek vs. Suit evolved into Geeks and Suits (collaboratively).
    I’m hoping this year’s Process Design Slam represents an amalgym of both sides (analytical and emotional).  I would think that a successful project team would have a good balance of folks who are creative, strategic, analytical and well-versed not only in the business but also in the technologies supporting solutions.
    Sadly there are usually few women engaged in these kind of projects (although we are fortunate to have a few on the roster).
    The cartoon also reminds me that we could certainly use a graphic artist to represent the “Process Design Slam” concept.  Something along the lines of BPM folks and Geeks speaking models and mappings at an open mike.  Or, perhaps as Greg Chase suggested a team scaffolding a solution.
    Would love to see some cartoon suggestions.