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Application Lifecycle Management at TechEd 2009

Hi folks,

TechEd is coming up soon, and I wanted to give you some hints regarding our topics in the “Application Lifecycle Management” track, see (Phoenix) and (Vienna) respectively. Lifecycle Management topics are not new at TechEd, however this year we redesigned the layout of this track towards a more process oriented view closely aligned with ITIL methodology. The subtracks (Requirements, Design and Build, Test, Deploy, Operate and Optimize) correspond to the various ITIL phases and reflect the different processes that are executed during an SAP implementation. You will find overview and roadmap sessions in the “overview” subtrack. They help you to understand the big picture before you dive into the details. Here are a few introductory sessions that you should not miss:
In the “Requirements, Design and Build” subtrack we deal a lot with “innovation management” which is our current buzz word to bring in new technology and solutions on top without disrupting your core business processes, basically the Enhancement Package story. An overview session is
In the “Test” subtrack the focus is on test infrastructure and tools. An important driver for test demand is to basically understand and analyze the impact of change, like in
In the “Deploy” subtrack we look at ways to address correction and transport issues and how you can better manage them by means of inserting quality gates to keep consistency, see and
The subtrack “Operate” contains all the tools to effectively monitor and operate your system covering topics like job mgmt, monitoring and alerting, virtualization and performance management. The full list is way too long which shows the importance of that phase. Finally the subtrack “Optimize” features topics such as upgrade and downtime reduction among others. Together with the Business Intelligence the Application Lifecycle Management is the biggest track at TechEd in 2009. Maybe not a surprise in economically tough times but definitely a clear statement towards reduction of TCO. There is also plenty of partner, SCN and ASUG sessions to be found in this track. If I did not mention a session explicitly this has nothing to do with its quality. The others are simply good candidates to illustrate the philosophy of the new track layout.

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  • Application Life-Cycle Management is one of the most active topics on sdn.  The amount of functionality added to the Solution Manager product in the last two years is amazing.   If you are focused on this topic there is quite a bit to learn.  The ITIL IT Service Management v3 framework, Run SAP Methodology, End-to-End Solution Operations best practices, Solution Manager and eight or nine solution manager bolt-ons.   As the Green Book says “How to Thrive after Go-Live”

    I am desperately seeking a job title for my business cards.   How about one of these?
    Solution Management and Optimization
    ALM Consultant
    Application Managemed Services Consultant

    What would you use?

    • I like the title ALM consultant. ALM is a term coined by analyst companies such as Gartner and therefore has a clear semantics.
      Btw, sorry for the cryptic links above. This can be done more elegantly but I want the readers to drill down to the TechEd web site.