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Last week, we released the latest version of Data Federator (aka. Data Federator XI 3.0 SP2)


This service pack is mainly a bug fixes release but we added a few new features described below:

– Copy source tables

– Extend table schema

– SAP BW binary data transfer

– Automatic SAP BW callback registration

– Filter / Search SAP BW Infoprovider

– Improve mega table navigation

– New source and platform (SQL Server 2008, Suse 10 64 bits)



Let’s me explain these features in more details.


Copy source tables

Sometimes, you want to start your data model from a source and reuse its database schema.

This option lets you copy the source table schema as target tables.



Extend table schema

When you combine source tables, the target table schema is very often a combination of the source columns.

In the previous version of DF, you had to extend the target table schema manually.




The manual extension is not required anymore and you can extend the schema by selecting automatically the columns from the sources.



SAP BW binary data transfer

This one is purely internal. We replaced the format used to exchange data between Data Federator and SAP BW by a more efficient binary format.

This change increases even more the performance and scalability of the DF SAP BW connector.


Automatic SAP BW callback registration

Based on customers feedbacks, we simplified the SAP BW callback registration.

The declarative SP1 approach is still available but by default Data Federator configures itself automatically and no manual callback registration is required.


Filter / Search SAP BW Infoprovider

Very often, BW systems contain a lot of Infoproviders.

This new option lets you filter down the list of Infoprovider available in your BW instance to simplify the Infoprovider selection.


Improve mega table navigation

In some cases, customers have mega tables with hundreds of columns.

This new option allows to display and navigate these large tables.



New source and platform

The SP2 is also an opportunity to support Suse 10 64bits and SQL Server 2008.



This release is available on the SAP Market Place as well as the Supported platforms and sources.

I hope this post will help you to use the new SP2 features in your projects.

Hope this helps,


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  1. Former Member
    Hi Frederic,

    I need to download latest DF but failed to find link
    to download the software.
    I verified that we have license to download the software but failed to find the link.
    Could you please provide me path to download the software?


    1. Former Member Post author

      You can download DF from the SAP market place.

      In the left tree view
      Download > Support Packages and Patches > Entry by Application Group

      In the right pane
      SAP BusinessObjects packages and products > SBOP DATA FEDERATOR > BOBJ DATA FEDERATOR XI3.0 > *

      1. Former Member
        Hi Fred,

        I’ve been trying to find the download too, which is what has lead me to your blog, but, even following the nav path in your reply, no joy.

        Has it been removed?


        1. Former Member Post author
          Hi Corey

          I double check this morning and Data Federator XI 3.0 SP2 is available for all our supported platforms (also find through the search)

          This is probably a rights issue on market place.
          Could you ask your account representative to solve this issue with the market place people?

          Hope this helps,



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