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VCD #5 – Playback

Today Michelle took us through the world of ABAP Objects from a beginner’s perspective! What a special treat as well since she’s just handed over a “roadmap” to change!


Learn ABAP Objects from a different percpective. There are a lot of blogs and information about ABAP objects. But when starting with straight ABAP, it is hard to get started making the switch to ABAP objects. This session will provide an overview of how to move from “straight” ABAP to ABAP Objects. There will be code examples, and a “real world” example of how this was implemented. Disclaimer: This is not meant to “teach” ABAP objects. It is meant to give suggestions, ideas, and experience in the actaul move from one technology to the other..

Speaker: Michelle Crapo

This speaker will physically be at the Phoenix SAP TechEd event ! 

Watch for the next upcoming sessions! 

Full Schedule: here  
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