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SAP Workflow search utility

There are two vital places on the web that hold a vast amount of very valuable SAP Workflow related knowledge. These are primarily in the form of forum threads, blogs and articles. You guessed it! I am referring to SCN and the respected SAP-WUG Archives, very well maintained by Susan Keohan @ MIT.


While the SCN is more “global”, SAP-WUG is a less advertised group but performing an extremely valuable and yeoman service, this is most visibly seen in the expression of gratitude from the OPs on a befitting solution.

To aid in the efficient search of both these excellent knowledge sources we created a new search utility making use of Google’ Custom Search facility and enhancing Thomas Ritter’ SAP Search. We have called it, quite obviously, SAP Workflow Search and it is available here,


We are sure you will save it to your browser Favourites.


It searches the following sites only for workflow related information. While SAP-WUG would be workflow specific, you are bound to get other stuff as well from the other sites listed below.


We would appreciate any input on searching a specific SCN forum as all my attempts to search for ‘All’ records have not worked as desired. So it currently, searches for information in the last 90 days only on SCN.


Please feel free to pass any feedback or ideas for improving this further.


Thank you.

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