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SDN – ssss…dddd….nnnnn……

Its been some time since I last blogged here.  I was working on an upgrade project and it was time for go-live and then some CRs, preparing for internal trainings, configuring a fresh system.  I can say any number of reasons but to be honest I didn’t find any right topic to write.  There was enough time available with me, but no topic.  I was actually happily contributing in forums when I suddenly decided to write this. 

The crux of this blog is are forums the only way of participating in this community.  The answer is definitely NO, but forums still remains the most actively used medium.  Are we effectively using other mediums?  For e.g. wiki is one area where I have always felt that it is largely under developed or has lesser contributions, I should say.  I have seen people posting blindly in forums without reading prev(c)ious posts related to their questions.  How many people posting for the first time in the forums read the rules first?  As already mentioned in some of the previous blogs and discussed N number of times, the reality is – nothing has changed much.  I don’t remember the name of the blogger (very sorry for that, but I am really bad at remembering names), it was mentioned there – like we have for raising OSS message, we can actually make a search in the forum mandatory before posting any new thread.  Nice suggestion, but is it really feasible looking at the number of threads that is posted every minute.    

I am looking at a new dimension.  Instead of blaming the people what I am saying is we can encourage people who constanly contribute in forums, to contribute a wiki.  May be they can just consolidate some of their already posted related answers and contribute a wiki.  We can have a FAQ kind of thing in wikis, so that people new to the community can actually have a look at the FAQs section.  I know it is tough but we can actually give a try.  The reason is some of the general questions are really annoying. I will post a few from Treasury applications or financials applications as I basically contribute in that forum, but I am sure that other forums also will have the same problem.

“I am new to the community hence please can someone give me a complete handbook for configuring FI module”.  This is the most seen question.  I want to learn FICO.  Please give me some links.  There are many more such questions.

Wikis section is arranged in a nice way application area wise. Maybe inside Treasury(kindly excuse for being unfair to other modules) we can subdivide into further generic sub areas like configuration, front end transactions. general questions, domain questions etc.  Inside each area we can have FAQs and also consolidation of some of the posts from frequent contributors on some of the topics. 

We can give a link to the wikis FAQs section in the forum main page instead of having a point in the rules of engagement to read wiki, so that people can people can easily access wiki page.

This will work when active contributors initially spend sometime in creating a wiki page on some of the basic topic.  We can have a thread in each forum asking for some general topics and those who know any topic can create a wiki.  The wiki should also be neatly organised.  This will defnitely provide a good base…

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