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How to improve your SAP CRM E-Commerce support Part 1

With the evolution of CRM and the introduction of new releases has  introduction new functionality , Due to these changes the information require by support to analyze issue has also changed. In order for customers to receive the best support possible we need to understand what it takes to analyze an issue in a customer’s environment . 


From a customers standpoint you may ask yourself why does Support ask for so many connection and different information to analyse an issue.

There has been a note released that contains all the information require to analyze and issue for release 5.0-70 number of released notes for each of the release that will give and outline of what data is needed to analyze an issue.

In this blog I hope to explain why this information is needed in the analysis of an issue.



As SAP CRM E-commerce is a complex system and can provide different functionality in order to get the best from Support a clear understanding of the business scenario and architecture is required.  For example are you using a B2B or a B2C scenario?, How is your is your pricing been done in your product catalog via IPC or list prices?  An understanding of the landscape is also needed for detailed analysis ,

Reproducing an issue.

If an issue is been reported the exact steps to reproduce the issue should be give  along with sample data. This should greatly decrease the processing time of your message and allow SAP support to get to work on the issue quickly.  As the customizing possible in the webshop can change the system behavior it is important to describe the error that is occurring and what is expected to occur. This may relate to the customizing in the shop admin of transaction types been used for orders/quotations. 



The connections required to analyse an E-Commerce issue can sometimes require muiltiple users and System access but the basic requirements needed for any message would be

  1. Connection to Web Application and Admin area. Via WTS connection or HTTP connection.
  2. Connection to Backend system CRM or ERP.
  3. Connection to Trex
  4. Connection to J2EE Admin.

Once all these have been provided analysis of the issue can start. As to analyse a particular issue Support may need to reproduce the issue , create session logs, run traces from the backend and check index on trex.

So you can asset in improve your overall level of support and speeding up the processing times of your issue by providing this information. Together SAP Support and customers can work together to improve communication and support.

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