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So many sessions, so little time

Only 39 days until SAP TechEd Phoenix kicks off (twitter tag #sapteched09).  39 days in which to evaluate the upcoming sessions -weld together a schedule, and get ready for the premier educational and networking event of the fall season, technically speaking that is.  If you need a widget to help you keep track of the days, why not head over to SAP Mentor Alvaro Tejada Galindo’s (AKA @blag) site, where you can download a sweet little app to countdown the days?  

If you’ve never been to TechEd, and you are an avid SAP user, developer, BPXer, UI expert, whatever – you should check out the line-up.  

Here are some quick stats:

There are 7 major tracks with 26 sub-tracks for a total of 495 sessions, ranging from an Overview of SAP Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (for beginners) to Tactical SOA Governance in SAP Environment.  There will be 198 ‘beginner’ sessions; there are 40 ‘Expert’ sessions, and, although I ran out of fingers and toes, 257 Intermediate sessions.  But don’t let all those classifications fool you.  Even if you have 12 or 15 years of experience with SAP, surely there is a topic you can still learn more on.  

There are 323 Lecture sessions – both 1 and 2 hours in length.  There are also 162 Hands-on sessions, either 2 or 4 hours. I can speak from experience when I tell you that the amount of brain-work that goes into even preparing a ‘simple one hour lecture’ is astounding, and the 4 hour hands-on sessions?  Can you absorb more than that in one sitting??  I surely can’t.

There are over 70 sessions scheduled by speakers with an affiliation with America’s SAP User Group (ASUG).  These include, but are not limited to, sessions delivered by SAP Mentors, such as Jim Spath and his Solution Manager session,  and Karin Tillotson is presenting or chairing four (count’em) sessions on Influence and Information Lifecycle Management (that used to be called Archiving).  These folks are ASUGers and Mentors – so they really pay their freight.  

And after all that heavy lifting, learning, and networking?  Perhaps a little Process Design Slam?  That will be led by Marilyn Pratt, Community Evangelist, BPXer, and Marilyn is truly inspirational. Then there is the Demo Jam – which will take place on Tuesday night right after the networking reception.  That is bound to be fun – led up, I believe, by your very own Craig Cmehil of Friday Morning Report fame, as well as a maker of a mean cafe latte (or so I have heard).  Craig will owe me one, and I will get it in the Community Lounge – where Mentor Wrangler extraordinaire (and harmonica-player, werewolf player, and proud papa) Mark Finnern will be leading a series of ‘Expert Networking Sessions.   Oh, let’s not forget, and evening of rock and roll with Train!  

As for me?  I have just a few things already welded into my schedule.  And if you want to learn more?  You’ll just have to find some time to track me down. I have the honor of being selected as a speaker on a session, called ‘Workflow for Workflow’s Sake‘.  That will be one I definitely have to go to!  It’s a case study for developing and deploying workflow applications for – workflow applications.  Well, that’s not all. It also involves data integrity, organizational change, and ensuring the proper roles and authorizations for the proper person.  I am also assisting in a couple of hands-on sessions on ‘Customizing Alloy: Exposing SAP Workflow to Lotus Notes’.  That will be very exciting for me, because I have heard a lot about Alloy and the idea of delivering workitems to your customers most comfortable platform (whether Lotus or Outlook or whatever it is!) is very intriguing.  And, I have been given some space in the Expert Lounge for people interested in talking about Workflow.  It’s a Birds-of-a-Feather session, and we will be joined by Ginger Gatling and Michael Hill of SAP – so you just know that is going to be fun and educational – which, by the way, is NOT mutually exclusive.

So, I’ve pimped my sessions, and provided you with an overview of what is going on at  #sapteched09  –  so I hope to see you in Phoenix.  Someday, maybe in Vienna or Bangalore, but alas, not this year.  There’s only so much information that one person can handle. I’ve also left out the names and sessions of so many talented people – you should consider this your opportunity to go on a treasure hunt!

Oh, and the widget?  You will easily recognize @blag at  #sapteched09 – He seems to be getting his face all over these days 🙂 

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  • Great blog Sue!  Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else in Phoenix for SAP TechEd 2009.  And, thanks for mentioning my sessions (blushing).


    • Sue! I’m really a bad guy -:( Thank you so much for the free promotion of my BlackBerry TechEd Countdown…so many downloads after your blog -:D

      And great blog BTW!