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SAP Business One GSC Blogs

In SAP Business One Global Support we are always looking for ways to share information and empower our partners. We tend to get a lot of similar queries/how to questions and so decided to start a regular blog series to share this information on the SDN which is a hive of activity.

Every two weeks in our support blog we will highlight some commonly asked questions and hopefully help you understand each topic a little better. The focus for now will be on the SDK and DTW areas. All our blogs are published using an image so it will be easy to identify our blogs:



Current Blogs:

We have a number of interesting and popular blogs already published and can be found in our Blog Archive

A summary of them are:

  • SDK Licensing – Learn about add-on licensing which can be confusing. Read about the different SDK license types and what they are used for. The blog will also go through the process of licensing your own Add-ons. SDK Licensing
  • SAP Business One License API – The SAP Business One License API is an external API that allows you to read information from the license service to which the application is connected.This blog explains what the SAP Business One License API is and how you can use it in your Add-on. SAP Business One License API
  • The SP_TransactionNotification Stored Procedure – This is a really useful and easy way to do data validation in Business One. In the blog I describe what it is and how you can implement it in your business processes The SP_TransactionNotification Stored Procedure
  • How to create Folders/Tabs via the UI – Adding a folder/tab to your own user form or to a system form is a good way to add functionality to your add-on. We go through some examples of how to add and manipulate folder/tabs.                                      How to create new folders/tabs via the UI API
  • How to solve errors you get when connecting to the DI API/DTW – When you connect to the DI you may get errors such as “-111 Connection to SBO-Common failed”, “100000001: Connection to License Server failed”, etc. In this blog we show you the checks you can do to find the root cause of the issue and solve it yourself.                                How to solve errors you get when connecting to the DI API/DTW.
  • How to use Macros to import/update data for DI Objects not yet exposed via the DTW e.g. UDO Tables – we will show you how to utilise macros to allow you to import data into your Business One database. How to use macros to import/update data for DI objects not yet exposed via the DTW e.g. UDO tables.
  • How to help find a possible source of a DI Performance Issue – In this blog we highlight some steps and some tools you can utilise to help you identify the performance issue.                           How to help find a possible source of a DI Performance Issue
  • DTW Top Tips – to ensure your DTW import or update is done as smooth as possible we will highlight some tips and checks you can do. The specified item was not found.


Future Blogs: 

We plan to continue to publish many more blogs in the future and to keep them as relevant and useful as possible. Planned topics include:

  • Registering your addon
  • Active X
  • How to send an email with an attachment via the DI


Blog Suggestions:

We would be delighted if you could provide any feedback, ideas or suggestions you have for topics you would like us to cover in a blog. All suggestions would be very welcome and we would try to cover as many of them as possible.

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