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Get Active. Stay Active. Build Your Reputation.

If you’ve been on sidelines waiting for the right moment to jump in – write a blog, refer a colleague, answer a forum question, post an article, rate a solution on EcoHub – now’s your chance. Becoming an Active Contributor (250 points in a year) on the SAP Community Network – whether it’s SDN, BPX, or the BusinessObjects community – offers visibility, knowledge, and status. By simply taking an active part and contributing thoughtful, innovative content, you can build your reputation while helping to foster the growth of this vital community. And in 2009, there is a new reason to become active – making a contribution to PlaNet Finance, a non-profit that provides support to microfinance institutions.

We have brought together allot of helpful information to show you how easy it is to become an SCN Active Contributor on a new Get Active, Stay Active page. Here you can also read blogs from members who are active and find it really beneficial on many levels.

Here’s three simple ways to contribute and earn points (there are many more):

  1. Write a blog on a topic of interest to you, where your voice adds another dimension, for up to 120 points. We have interesting new topics where your contribution would be welcome (Sustainability and IFRS, to name two). Video blogs earn even more points.
  2. Refer-a-Colleague to become a member – again, our newer focus topics are fertile ground for new members. Earn 100 points by referring up to 10 colleagues for 10 points each per year.
  3. Review a solution in EcoHub. Helpful, insightful solution reviews can earn 25 points each.

What’s really important is that as you contribute to SCN, others will benefit. By becoming an Active Contributor, you add to the pool of funds that SAP passes along to PlaNet Finance. Upon reaching the goal of 3,000 Active Contributors for 2009, SAP will contribute €200,000 toward PlaNet Finance’s programs. You can see by the PlaNet Finance gauge on the SCN homepage that we are over halfway there.

With SCN, the more you give, the more you get back,  But beyond frequency of postings, the value of the content you post also has a bearing on your personal and company reputation. Bloggers and posters are awarded points by peers for contributing to various areas of the communities. Dive in, the water is fine!

Links to Help You Get Started

PlaNet Finance

New SAP Community PlaNet Finance Program to Benefit Under-served Markets

How to Contribute

ABAP Frequently Asked Questions

Contributor Recognition Program FAQ

Active Contributors Moving to Recent Contributions

Active Contributors – Moving to Recent Contributions

Top Contributor List

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