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Believe It or Not – I

These days nothing can be predicted as amazing it all happens. Interesting as it may be.

Keeping this in mind I am initiating some interesting facts in SAP.

I am trying to collect the information which can be categorized as Believe it or not the SAP way.


I was logged in SDN. Thinking about my new blog and how can I make it better.

Suddenly I saw there was an interesting query.


The query has been mentioned as the Packages in SAP when clicked disappears and a message is there that the package is not available.


I wanted to share this interesting thread.

Re: Pacakge disappearing


Hope readers will enjoy this series of blog.

Till then Have a best day ahead.

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    • I’m sure you’ve probably seen from your two comments so far that one caught the “peculiar” nature and the other not. Being new to blogging here I wanted to take a moment to share with you the expectations that many have here within this professional community.

      The community expect two things from the blogs 1) it’s valuable or interesting information and shares personal thoughts or experiences 2) it has substance.

      Your blog post is an interesting start and I see potential which is why I published it today, partially because of the potential and partially because I felt an open conversation about it would be more beneficial than simply emailing you. You should again potential in our VCD #1 session today so I don’t feel mistaken about my assumptions here.

      So for your next “Believe it or Not” post I would recommend you go into greater detail of why you feel what you found fights, relate it to your own experiences – relate it to other events – but without a doubt give your potential readers a reason to want to read again and to click the links you share with them. You always have to ask yourself – during my busy day is this worth taking my time to read? Remember we are all professionals with normal day jobs (some more normal than others) and therefore we want to ensure we do not waste our fellow community members valuable time but rather give them something to think about and consume that leads to potential value.