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About the Alloy Implementation Kit


What does it take to implement Alloy?

The Alloy Implementation Kit is now available to give customers general guidelines about how long an Alloy project takes based on specific assumptions, what team skills are required and what tasks need to be considered.  To access the Alloy Implementation Kit, go to The Alloy Implementation Kit

How long is an Alloy Production project?

An Alloy production project is estimated for a 5 – 6 week period.  This estimate is variable based on the proposed landscape, number of users, number of scenarios etc. Review the Alloy Implementation Kit for assumption variables.

Who needs to be involved?

The actual Alloy Implementation can be done by a small team.  Since Alloy is made up of multiple components, some company groups may be called on to perform specific tasks, such as creation of users, assigning SAP Backend authorization etc The Alloy Implementation Kit gives a breakdown of skills required in the team as well as examples of what specific tasks they would be responsible for.   Examples of some of the skills required are Netweaver, Lotus/Domino, Business Experts, Security, Project Management, etc.

Tasks in a Alloy Implementation Project

The Alloy Implementation Kit tasks are broken down by the various phases and for each task the recommended skills required are provided.  Some tasks specific for Alloy are given a time estimate as well.  Other tasks will need to be estimated by the implementation team as they depend on the unique situation at each customer.  Tasks are broken down by the different phases:

· Planning

· Preparation and Blueprinting

· Realization

· Final Preparation (Production Cut-over)

· Go-live and Support.

The Alloy Implementation Checklist

Still to come is a workbook that can be used to document the following about your project(s):

· Project/Phase Details

· Project Team Members

· System Details for the Alloy Landscape

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