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My Experience on SCN Initiative

As a part of the initiatives taken by the SCN Focus group within Infosys Technologies Limited, I got an opportunity to present a session on SAP Community network for the SAP Practice of Infosys. This session was attended by SAP Consultants across multiple locations globally. The session gave me an insight on lot of interesting perspectives which I want to share.
A) Participation in SCN is related to Personality Trait. I have realized that people who contribute in SCN may not be the best SAP Consultant available (not to undermine the contribution of best SAP Consultants who participate in SCN) but they all share the trait of -Willingness to Share.
B)  The curve of Participation in SCN can relate to Maslow’S Hierarchy of Needs:
a) Physiological Needs: I need to know what is SCN 
b) Safety Needs: If I ever get stuck in any issue in my project, I know SCN will be of help 
c) Needs of Love, Affection and Belongingness: I am a regular contributor. I need to answer the query posted in the forum. I need to share my experience on this topic in SCN
d) Needs for Esteem: I am a moderator. I am SAP Mentor. I am master of this particular topic.
e) Needs for Self-Actualization: I need to share my experience as this will benefit SAP and other SCN Members.
One very interesting feedback from some attendees:
SCN is changing very fast with so many initiative taken by SAP such as Career Center, SAP EcoHub, New Topics in Forum, Diverse Blogs that unless we are regular contributor we feel left out. I wonder i f they’ve noticed all the additional ways of getting SCN data to their desktops like RSS and widgets.
There are certain Open question on which I would like fellow community members to share their experience/ perspective:

I am keen to know the experience of such initiatives in other companies.
What are the other initiatives we can take as a SCN Focus group within our company to spread the SCN Spirit.
I am interested to open the dialogue on the above points to understand how can a group of people (say from a company or a city) be influenced to participate as an active contributor in SCN. As per my experience, it is comparatively easy to influence a group of people in a company (organized format)to contribute in SCN (by linking it with performance appraisal, by acknowledging the contribution in the whole SAP Practice of the company, by publishing interviews in internal portal or newsletter etc).Based on the feedback from the community members, I would like to explore the real challenge which is influencing people in a unorganized format like arranging a SCN Meet in a particular city.

My personal take on contribution in SCN:
“The life I touch for good or ill will touch another life, and that in turn another, until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place my touch will be felt.”- Frederick Buechner
Thanks for the help.
Rakesh Singh Chauhan
SCN Moderator

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