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Old Ways – New Ways of Finding a Job

It’s interesting to look back at how applicants used to search for jobs and how employers used to recruit talent.  Just fifteen years ago, it was common for folks to buy a local newspaper and to check the classified ads for positions ranging from IT consultant to VP of sales.  I remember looking at classified ads during my senior year of college in ‘97 to find a marketing position in the IT industry.  Then just a couple short years later, I posted my resume on the web as online recruitment was the new de-facto standard.  Now we are seeing another shift, and it has to do with social networking sites.  I find it interesting that the United States Army is already recruiting on Facebook.  When you think about it, it makes sense. The Army needs young people, and young people are avid users of Facebook. 

So, what does all this have to do with the SAP Community Network?  Well, as you may have already seen, a new career center launched on SCN this Monday and Mark Yolton announced it to the community in his Introducing the Career Center, Part of the SAP Community Network.  This career center is a great new tool for individuals in the extended SAP ecosystem worldwide who have SAP specific skills and who are seeking employment.  


How the Career Center Works 

1.  Applicants register and post their resumes free of charge.  The resumes are anonymous to protect the applicants’ privacy. 

2.  When an employer searches the resume data base and finds an applicant who looks like a good fit, the employer needs to request access to the applicant’s contact info first, before being able to view it.

3.  If the applicant is interested and releases his/her contact detail, the employer can see the applicant’s personal information and can contact the individual for an interview.

4.  Most online career sites stop adding value once the employer contacts the applicant.  However, since this career center is a part of SCN, it offers much more. Both applicants and employers can use the career center forum to post questions and exchange additional information. Previously, there was no proper “home” for these postings on SCN.  Also, what is truly unique is the applicants’ ability to leverage the community to help them stand out from the general pool of candidates in the market.  

Applicants can showcase their skills and knowledge of SAP by pointing employers to the forums and blogs where they have provided valuable insights or showed thought leadership in the community. It is one thing to say on your resume or CV that you are an ABAP, NetWeaver, or BI expert but another to actually show that the community considers you to be an expert in these specific fields, too.  So, SCN can really help applicants prove that they can “walk the walk”, not just “talk the talk”.  And if you are one of the community members who have been impacted by the weak economy and need to find new employment, make sure to leverage your contributions on SCN to stand out from the crowd.  Your contributions on SCN are a great way to differentiate yourself!


How the Site Differs for Employers

A few words to the employers in the community.  The career center brings together a wide array of professionals who work in SAP-centric positions worldwide, so you can easily find the right match in experience and qualifications you’re looking for. The career center is offered to the SAP ecosystem, not to SAP itself.  SAP does not recruit on the site and SAP employees are being asked to refrain from posting their resumes while being actively employed at SAP.  This is to honor the non-recruit non-complete agreements SAP has with many partners and customers. 

Some other things worth mentioning:

1.  Employers can post positions free of charge until Sept 30th.  Make sure to take advantage of this special promotion!

2.  The job postings on the site give you access to the resume database at no extra charge.

3.  You can look for talent around the corner or around the globe.  If you are looking to hire several applicants for the same job in multiple cities or countries, you can simiply select multiple locations for the same posting. 


Additional Information

For more information, please listen to a podcast with SCN Mentor Jon Reed, available at: The specified item was not found.

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