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SAP Inside Track Sao Paulo – An amazing experience!!

Last week I went to Brazil for one purpose only, to attend to SAP Inside Track Sao Paulo.
I’ve been a strong supporter of the SAP community from early on and I could not miss an opportunity like this, even more being in my own country of origin.

But attending to a 1 day event tens of thousands of miles way impose some challenges. I could not go for long since I am quite busy these days at my current client and I could not spend a weekend away from family so I decided to embark on a crazy journey, what I earlied called a 39-hr SAP Community Marathon!

Here is what happened:

Thursday, Aug 13th 16:00

With the travel deadline fast approaching, I had to finish the work day early. Afterall I had to pack, check in and board…

Thursday, Aug 13th 19:00
After passing US customs and security I was ready to board bound to Washington DC…

Thursday, Aug 13th 22:00
I had only 45 min to make my connecetion, guess what? the bus connecting terminals BROKE UP!!!. I had to spend 30 min waiting…

All went find since the United Airlines Gate to Sao Paulo was SO DISORGANIZING that I Was able to make it with plenty of spare time…

Friday, Aug 14th 8:20
Arrival in Sao Paulo. Time to get a cab and brave through Sao Paulo’s crazy traffic…


Friday, Aug 14th 10:00
Yes, I know…. long taxi ride eh? Agreed.. Finally at SAP Brazil offices. I could not attend to Marcelo Ramos quick off event, but there was plenty of other stuff going on so I went direcly to some sessions…


Key note by SAP Brasil Logistics responsibleimage



Marcelo kicking off a nice SAP Inside track


Marcelo trying to “educate” on the SAP Mentor initiative..



Another very intersting session


SAP Solution Manager


Friday, Aug 14th 12:00 noon
Time for lunch and guess what? We are in Brazil so time to eat well!!! Thaks Marcelo for bringing me to this spot. I could eat some nice Brazilian BBQ along with black beans (no so black, more like brown… 😉  )


Lunch and Friends – We should not be allowed to take pictures with full mouths!!


Lunch and friends 2


And the brazilian food eh? Costela ao Bafo, arroz com feijao e Guarana’ !!




Friday, Aug 14th Afternoon
More sessions – Starting by my Session on Best Practices in OO ABAP
Then SAP Outputs, and SOA strategy and “what’s next”


Leo and his agenda


Leo – Do I need to beat you guys up to make you understand the importance of OO ABAP????


Leo and naming conventions for Methods


Leo and Inheritance


Marcelo Ramos and his MVC tool


Aparecido and the message control on SAP Business Suite (ECC)


Now what???


Are we ready for SOA in Brazil?



Friday, Aug 14th 18:00
Time to leave to the airport. I had forgotten that 3 hrs to get there is a “reasonable” time, for a Friday evening… I got scared about missing my flight!!!
I finally made it since the driver was a very skilled one!!! Thanks again Edson Thomaz.

I got there in “just” 2:15 hrs.

Friday, Aug 14th 22:00

Ready to board a flight that would eventually leave 1 hr late…

Saturday, Aug 15th 7:00 am
Arrived in Washington and boarded flight bound back to Montreal. United again did a boo boo and forgot to load some luggage to the plane, another 30 min delay and we are flying!

Saturday, Aug 15th 10:00 am
Finally back to Canada. After passing Customs and being called in (gotta luck suspicious a guy going to Brazil for just 8 hrs…), I was finally out of the airport and back to my family.

Was I tired? no way! Eu Cansado!!!!





Amazing journey. Would I do it again? Anytime. In fact, not only Sao Paulo is in my calendar for next year, but also Lima.


Great job guys and thanks for the opportunity.




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  • Hi Leo,

    I have to say You Rocks Man !!!
    It is a great demonstration of passion and community spirit !

    I thought you would not come to SAP Inside Track Sao Paulo 09, but you came and did a great job !
    I love ABAP Objects and through your session I could learn a lot of things,
    I really enjoyed your session !!!

    As a SAP Mentor I would like to do the same so, If everything get well,
    in 2010 I will go to Perú to attend to SAP Inside Track Lima !!!

    I hope to meet you in Phoenix to start a conversations around the next event( SAP Inside Track Sao Paulo 2010 ) in Brazil.

    See you soon !


    • Sure man! Anytime.
      Count on me for next year.
      Let's get the moment going for SCN promotion in Latin America.

      Thanks again for the opportunity. I surely learn too! Cool MVC tool!


  • Hi Leonardo,

    You demonstrated your commitment with the community, flying over 24 hours and get only a few hours here to share information and knowledge was one thing that really gave further credibility to the event.

    Thanks for the presentation, was very useful to open my mind to new ideas.

    Edson Thomaz

    • Really happy to hear my presentation might have helped some people to get into new ideas.  😉

      Remember, It was not Marcelo or me that made SAP Inside Track, WE ALL, including the audience, did!

      Thanks again Edson.
      (valeu pela carona!)