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Podcast: The Launch of the Career Center on SCN – For you if you are looking to fill an SAP-related position or to employ your SAP skills

One of the most anticipated developments on SCN in recent years is the launch of the Career Center. At the same time, there are questions about how the Career Center will fit into the SCN community and how it will benefit members and job posters.


To get a handle on these questions and find out more about the Career Center launch, Jon Reed interviews Claudine Lagerholm, a Senior Product Manager with SAP and a key part of the Career Center team in this podcast.


During this fifteen minute podcast, Claudine addresses the questions we all want to know about the Career Center: how SCN members can use the center in a confidential manner, and how both hiring managers and job seekers can gain from the Career Center’s integration with SCN. We also hear about the links between the Career Center and the University Alliance program, and how the Center will be enhanced in the months to follow.

For employers, the career center has a special offer: post your job openings for free until the end of September 2009!


Listen to the podcast:


Visit the new career center now to post a job or to employ your own SAP skills!


Podcast Highlights


(:47) The launch of the SAP Career Center, and what SCN visitors can expect when they visit for the first time.


(2:05) The trends that are impacting SAP recruiting today.


(4:05) For smaller service firms in particular, it’s not easy to build the right talent mix – you don’t want to wind up with people on the bench, but you also don’t want to always be scrambling for resources for important client needs. How can SAP’s Career Center help?


(5:40) How SAP hiring managers can use the center, and the advantages to having the Career Center located on SCN.


(7:23) Focus on the individual job seeker: how can an SCN member make use of the Career Center?


(8:30) Confidentiality is a big concern for many job seekers. Claudine explains how confidentiality is addressed in the Career Center.


(10:00) What are the advantages for an individual job seeker to the integration of the Career Center and SCN, and how can their involvement on other areas of SCN play a role in their job search and visibility to hiring managers?


(11:20) Why SAP is not planning to use the Career Center for its own positions.


(12:00) Future plans for the Career Center that SAP will add to over time.


(12:55) The connection between the SAP Career Center and the University Alliance, and the plans to post paid internships on the SAP Career Center.


(13:50) Final points about the Career Center to keep in mind, and how to relay feedback on your experience using the Career Center.



More information on the career center launch:

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  • Hi Natasha,
    I’m glad to see this – SAP Career Center looks great and I look forward to seeing the synergies between the “content part” of SCN and the career center.
    Working for an SAP special expertise partner with mostly SAP-related job openings, I will definitely recommend the people in my company’s Human Resources department to use this for our job postings.
    Best regards,