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Learning SAP BW, The Twitter way – BW-Tweet #6

Good to share with you all, last week we were celebrating on our group reaching 50 but as I am typing this we are approaching very fast 100….Current count stands in nineties. Those of you who are still not there, be the part of group at We hope to put in lot more little tips and tricks there as we move forward and will continue with this weekly micro-blog / tweet.



This one comes from a colleague of mine at Wipro (Hemant Khemani – SDN Business Card –


Worried about Data Loss while changing extract structure, why not try this?


Run the Report RMCSBWCC before doing changes to the LO extract structure or while importing any changes done to the extract structure.


This report checks whether any of the clients in the system contains data in the V3 update (Extraction queue) for that application (specific to extract structure provided as input). If there is data in V3 updates then you need to start the update for that application. Without doing this you will not be able to change the extract structure and if you are importing the changes then you may end up losing data.


See you next week!!!




Disclaimer – Idea is to learn something in couple of seconds without going through lengthy blogs or articles. BW-Tweet hopes to exist with blogs and articles rather than replacing those. Also this is reproduction of concepts and in no way qualify as an original piece of work.

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