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Introducing the Career Center, Part of the SAP Community Network

Connecting SAP Customers and Partners with Talented SAP Professionals … in the new Career Center

Are you looking for a destination within the SAP Community Network (SCN) where employers seeking expertise in SAP technology can connect with skilled SAP professionals looking for employment opportunities? Then visit the career center, part of the SCN.  It’s open to employers and applicants worldwide, and by specializing in SAP-centric positions, it helps employers target recruitment and quickly identify qualified SAP talent anywhere. It enables job seekers to showcase their skills in the collaborative environment of the SCN. Best of all, employers can post jobs free of charge until September 30, 2009.


Career Center home


You Asked – We Listened


For a long time, now, many of you have inquired about the option to post jobs in various parts of SCN.  Until now, we did not have a dedicated space for job postings or an area that would enable interactions between employers and applicants. 


That’s why we have introduced the Career Center, part of the SAP Community Network (SCN). 


The career center is yet another offering designed to add value to SCN members. It is available for members of the SAP ecosystem who are either looking to hire SAP talent or are interested in employment opportunities.  


Check it out today to take advantage of a special, limited-time offer: Job postings are free of charge to all employers between now and September 30, 2009. 



Why Use the Career Center?

This new Career Center is unique because it’s part of the SCN and focuses exclusively on SAP technology related positions.  As such, the career center offers employers and job seekers alike some great advantages.


  • Worldwide availability – jobs can be posted in any geography to find the right candidates in your hometown or around the globe.
  • Broad functionality – employers and prospective employees can take advantage searchable job postings, job alerts, and a resume database.
  • Leverage the interactivity of the SCN – because of the career center’s unique position with the community, it allows potential employers and applicants to interact with one another, such as:
    • By asking questions and providing feedback on job postings, employers and applicants can more fully collaborate in the career center forum.
    • Employers can get a more complete sense of an applicant’s suitability as applicants can point to their contributions in the community. Applicants are able to showcase their SAP-related know how, giving employers a sneak “preview” of an applicant’s SAP skills, areas of interest and focus, as well as their ability to collaborate (i.e., “play well”) with others.
    • Applicant can get a better sense of a potential employer and its culture through interaction in the career center forums.


According to a recent article “8 Ways Job Seekers Can Assess a Prospective Employer’s Corporate Culture,” posted on, the right cultural fit between employer and applicant is the key ingredient to a successful and lasting work relationship, even in an economic downturn.  After all, every company wants to hire employees who look forward to coming to work every morning and become assets to the company for years to come.


Exclusively For SAP Customers and Partners Only – NOT SAP

You might wonder why SAP is not recruiting for SAP internal jobs on the career center site, and why SAP employees are excluded from using the career center.  The reason is that many contracts between SAP and our partners and customers include clauses where we mutually agree not to recruit each other’s talent.  Therefore, SAP has decided to keep SAP’s internal recruitment (in other words, jobs where SAP is the employer) separate and requests that our employees not be recruited on the career center site either.  The site is open to everybody else in the SAP ecosystem, including partners, customers, consultants and vendors, as well as students and new graduates. 


Built to Bring Value, Opportunity and Collaboration to SCN Members

The career center is the result of what so many SCN members were asking for: A job site within the community with exclusive focus on SAP technology that helps employers quickly identify qualified SAP talent worldwide and helps job seekers to showcase their skills and land the right opportunity. It’s available worldwide, fully leverages the visibility of the SCN, and has rich functionality that will continue to improve over time.


Find Out More and Spread the Word

I invite you to visit the career center today and take advantage of this new resource.  If you’re a customer or partner, you’re welcome to post your job offerings for free – from now until the September 30, 2009!  


I am really looking forward to everyone’s feedback on this, since we think we’re satisfying a need that many of you have expressed.  Please let us know what you like and don’t like about this.  And please spread the word – the more folks who know about and use the career center, the better the resource will be for the whole community.


Good luck in filling your SAP-related job offerings or in employing your SAP skills!

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      Author's profile photo Stefan Koehler
      Stefan Koehler
      Hello Mark,
      i have just clicked around and searched for some jobs .. but until now i can't see any difference between the SAP Career Center and any other SAP specialized job portal (for example apentia).

      The first thing that i noticed is, that i need to register with a new account and wasn't sign on with my SDN account. I can also see no connection between my SDN and the JobTarget account .. it's like i register by apentia, monster or any other career portal and link to my SDN profile.

      Am i missing the important point?


      Author's profile photo Darren Hague
      Darren Hague
      Hi Stefan,

      Although you will still need to register with the SAP Career Center, in a couple of weeks time we will be integrating the SAP Career Center with SAP OpenID, so that at least you will benefit from single sign-on from SCN to SAP Career Center.

      In the future, as we improve our OpenID capability, this will also enable a higher degree of automation and pre-filled forms at SAP Career Center.

      Best regards,
      (SAP OpenID development lead)

      Author's profile photo Kuhan Milroy
      Kuhan Milroy
      Hi Stefan,
      We are in the process of setting up Single Sign on from SCN and expect to have this in the next couple of weeks.

      For now, you can logon with your SCN username and password using OpenID. Once you have set your OpenID name in your SCN profile, go to the Career Center and select the OpenID link at the logon screen, then put the address and then use your SCN username & password.

      The big difference between the Career Center and other SAP specialized job portals is that the Career Center is part of the SCN community. Job seekers can insert links to their profile and identify their contributions providing a way to showcase some of their skills. We also have the Career Center forum to provide an interactive environment for topics about the career center and SAP career discussions. Feedback from the community will help shape the future of the Career Center. We already had some great feedback from the mentors during our pilot which we have been able to incorporate into site.

      Overtime the Career Center will develop a more intimate relationship with SCN.

      If you have any ideas please feel free to share them in the Career Center forum.

      Career Center



      Author's profile photo DJ Adams
      DJ Adams
      Hi Mark

      Great initiative. And opportune for me, as I'm looking for a new role at the moment.

      Quick bit of feedback, and please note, *this is not a criticism unique to the SCN Career Centre* - other job sites are guilty of it too.

      It's a little frustrating to get to the part about your CV and have to upload one of a few specific file formats. I have my CV on the web, and I know others have too (yes, @se38, I'm including you :-). The Career Centre site is on the web. Embrace that fact, don't fight it. Please provide a facility to *link to* CVs, with URLs.

      dj 🙂

      Author's profile photo Kuhan Milroy
      Kuhan Milroy
      Thanks for the feedback. Yes, as you know the automatic resume import tool currently does not support html. It is easy to manually add the portions, I find opening up the two docs side by side copying pasting will work quite well and is fast.

      Moving forward we would like to make this process easier.

      As for just a link to the resume, we could do that. The only problem is that none of your information would be in our system thus when an employer searched for someone with your skills, you would not show up. If you only wanted to apply for jobs and never have some find you, then this would make sense.



      Author's profile photo Uwe Fetzer
      Uwe Fetzer
      Maybe this could be the time to start defining an "open-cv-xml-import-format" (ocxif) 😉
      rgrds, Uwe (@se38)
      Author's profile photo DJ Adams
      DJ Adams
      Hi Uwe

      Good suggestion.

      There are already a number of open CV formats in RDF, XHTML and XML, including:

      - XML Resume Library (XML)
      - DOAC (Description Of A Career, similar to FOAF and DOAP) (RDF)


      Perhaps we should suggest the adoption of one of these for the SCN Careers site?

      However, perhaps the first step is to get career sites and job application sites to adopt a web-orientated approach to things -- hyperlinks, not uploads of binary documents. We aren't there yet, even in the simplest cases where the CV is just to be displayed, not parsed.


      Author's profile photo Uwe Fetzer
      Uwe Fetzer
      Ok, we don't have to reinvent the wheel: found some possible formats.
      XML resume
      Uwe (@se38)
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      There have been a lot of posts (career advice, job offers, requests, etc) which to date did not have a "home".

      A Career Center rounds off a sustainable community 🙂


      Author's profile photo Surendra Kumar Reddy Koduru
      Surendra Kumar Reddy Koduru
      It is really excellent and good place to Post the Jobs and Search jobs in our SAP-SCN portal it self. I really very happy and just waited for this. Everyday I’m looking into this SCN Career Center when it will enable in SCN.

      Thanks & Regards
      Surendra Kumar Reddy Koduru
      SAP-BI Consultant
      ITC Infotech India Ltd.
      Bangalore, India.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for this, great idea as one needs to look at one center place for all the relevant SAP openings.

      Good luck.


      Author's profile photo Douglas Amaral Cezar
      Douglas Amaral Cezar
      I think SAP is being a little money-overminded in charging for posting jobs.

      Since the posters are partners or customers I think it shall be free.

      I agree that charging would be OK for big companies who can spend lots of money, but it's sure not OK for medium and small enterprises.

      If SAP wants to reach ths SMB market, than you have to begin to accepts it's constraints too.

      Also we are in a FREE era, for so much things. And, since SAP is a knowledge companay, that's no sense in trying to making money from activies supporting customers.

      I'm not a customer neither partner, I'm a consultant who came from the SMB world and I think that this is a positive oppinion, my intention is helping not criticize.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thanks for the question, Douglas. The site is currently free for the next month so all customers and partners can take advantage of that. Since SAP does not specialize in job boards, we decided to partner with a 3rd party and chose to partner with a leading job board vendor for the site and to "white label" (essentially, re-skin their product with the familiar SAP community brand design and user experience) their product offering.  That vendor, JobTarget, hosts the site, administers it, determines pricing, collects payment, etc. We work closely with them on the vision, policies, practices, and the user experience for members of the SAP ecosystem.  As you might imagine, there's a cost to all of that, and to manage and administer the career center and job board.  Also importantly: when you look at job boards in the market, the ones that do charge the employer a fee tend to have less spam and higher quality postings. (This reminds me of the saying: "you get what you pay for" in some ways.)  We hope that will also be the case with the career center on SCN (in other words, a small and fair fee weeds-out the junk so the quality is higher).  As we move forward we will continue to provide more service to our community through JobTarget and other vendors.  We will, of course, also continue to monitor how this career center and job board are being accepted and adopted (so far great: more than 100 job postings and more than 80 resumes posted in the first 24 hours!) in order to make course-corrections along the way if needed.  I hope that helps explain the current practices we've adopted.

      Best regards,
      Mark Yolton