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There is so much discussion about the impact of the economic crisis on SOA.

Some people think the crisis actually helps SOA:

  • Economic crisis has given a good boost to SOA since companies are looking for ways to cut costs, improve efficiency and transparency.

Some others think that the impact is neutral or there is no impact:

  • Companies keep on with SOA, just without the SOA label all over it.

Others see a clear negative impact:

  • SOA is simply too costly right now, SOA implementations are overly complex, basically not sustainable. An economic crisis is just not the right time to start with it.

Have a look at the following video which raises some good discussion points about this topic – in a triggering manner. Watch the video. What do you think now?

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  1. Bernhard Escherich
    Hello Tamas,

    thanks for your interesting blog which highlights the connection between SOA and BPM. I Must admit that when I read your title my first thought was: Oh no, not another me too SOA criticism.
    But I found your statements interesting.

    Besides SOA is becomming the common design pattern in my industries (public sector, healthcare) and therefore the hype is over as it is becomming commonplace.

    I would be very interested to read something about your real-life experiences with SOA.

    Looking forward to it.

    Best regards,

  2. Marilyn Pratt
    Enjoyed the content and the unusual video style of running text and thought provoking statements.  I agree with Bernhard and would love to hear more about your practical experience.
    Have you considered joining the group working on the Process Design Slam?  There are a number of folks creating an interesting collaboration which will lead to experiments with BPM.  A number of your countrymen are already participating :-).  You can find the details here on the BPX Community Project wiki.

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