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Women and Technology

Today’s show inspired through the events of this post featured a guest host Maggie Fox (Twitter: @maggiefox) and a conversation about diversity and making change happen for the better.

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Chat History

13:04 maggiefox: hey – looking forward to the show today!
13:09 skeohan: I may actually be able to see FMR today – working from home 8/21
13:10 ccmehil: 5 mins to go, @maggiefox is online and ready to go as well
13:12 jspath55: patching video and audio for @karin_tillotson please stand by!
13:13 GretchenL0703: Hello all! Really looking forward to this week’s topic!
13:14 Graham Robbo: Hi all
13:14 corycc: g’morning all – looking forward to FMR today
13:15 oliver: hey
13:15 jspath55: Everyone text Hi to Karin.
13:16 skeohan: Hi Car-in
13:16 corycc: hi karin
13:16 thorstenster: Hi all!
13:16 Graham Robbo: Hi K
13:17 GretchenL0703: Hi Karin!
13:17 jspath55: #BITIpeeps
13:17 jspath55: we c u
13:17 ewH: Maggie AND Cmehil in one place? How lucky can we be?
13:18 RichHeilman: morning all
13:18 maggiefox: @ewH – hi, eddy!
13:18 se38_uwe: 24 viewers, record this year?
13:18 mcrapo: Good morning.
13:19 RichHeilman: @maggiefox draws a crowd.
13:19 citoki: hello
13:20 jspath55: Hi Sue, Gretchen, Graham, Cory
13:20 skeohan: follow Maggie @maggiefox on Twitter
13:21 dahowlett: morning/afternoon/campers
13:21 maggiefox: @dahowlett – hey there!
13:22 jspath55: Hi Dennis
13:22 skeohan:
13:22 jenrobinson: hey y’all. happy friday!
13:23 jspath55: Hi Jen. – did you get a new job or did I misread your tweet?
13:23 yojibee: Hi jen
13:24 jspath55: @yojibee
13:24 Michael Koch: Hi
13:24 jenrobinson: @jspath55 new job?? nope, still at SAP. i moved to the New York office in May, though.
13:24 ewH: Rich, Sue, Dennis, Jim, Jen, Anne, Michael, Karin — Good Morning!
13:24 maggiefox: @yojibee – hi!
13:24 maggiefox: @jenrobinson – hey, jen!
13:25 mcrapo: Should I be seeing – hearing something?
13:25 jspath55: I thwack bots one at a time. Poof you’re a ghost.
13:25 RichHeilman: yea, keep getting a maggiefox imposter following me on twitter. very annoying
13:25 RichHeilman: @ewh morning dude. how’s MS
13:26 skeohan: In discussion w/colleagues yesterday, they said that Twitter users were ‘losers’ – then I told them I tweeted
13:26 oliver: Just had a hundret new porn followers in the last couple of days. Twitters user number are exaggerated!
13:26 maggiefox: @richheilmann – lol
13:26 skeohan: Heh heh heh
13:26 yojibee: @maggiefox Hi!
13:26 GretchenL0703: Some of us would speak more often if the organizations we work for were more supportive. Many layers of approvals, hurdles to jump, due to instituional fearfulness.
13:26 jspath55: @Sue LOL!!! (or, ji ji ji)
13:27 skeohan: @jspath55 ’sTruth!
13:27 jspath55: sock puppet?
13:28 thorstenster: There’s @fakesacca – hilarious
13:28 GretchenL0703: I had to explain to the guy in the T-Mobile store yesterday why I am a twitter user. Very skeptical 30ish guy.
13:28 jenrobinson: @maggiefox nice to have you here, maggie
13:28 RichHeilman: you know, I don’t even think the real @maggiefox is following me. LOL
13:28 maggiefox: @jen thanks!
13:29 ewH: just to clarify, who are we talking about when we say “the usual suspects”?
13:31 thorstenster: @skeohan LOL – I would have made it a point to congratulate them on the accuracy and perceptiveness of that statement, then back it up with the fact that I tweet, too.
13:31 monkchips: jenrobinson pulled me in. morning folks. hey maggie. all of you should check out my avatar
13:31 monkchips: do the nose thing!
13:31 monkchips: nose!
13:32 maggiefox: @monkchips maybe later
13:32 maggiefox: @monkchips shut up!
13:32 skeohan: @thorstenster – I tried to enlighten them, as I usually do. I asked if they were so resistant when Television came out
13:32 RichHeilman: @monkchips NoseCrinklin Friday
13:32 monkchips: you’re a man, what’s in it for you?
13:32 oliver: Oh dear James
13:33 monkchips: a: its hard to get laid without diversity…
13:33 dahowlett: I needto see Maggie’s nose trick – again
13:33 monkchips: nose, nose, nose
13:33 jspath55: tweeting and driving? Oh Noes!
13:34 jenrobinson: @monkchips hey james, long time no see.
13:34 skeohan: Hi Maggie, I am Sue
13:35 monkchips: yay!!!
13:35 monkchips: tipjar!
13:35 jspath55: #MSF gets my spare change.
13:35 skeohan: Oh My God
13:35 RichHeilman: WTF?
13:35 monkchips: that is so fing great
13:35 monkchips: sure!!!
13:35 monkchips: hey jenrobinson how you doin?
13:35 jspath55: waves!
13:36 skeohan: Hi Jules
13:36 corycc: Hi buddy!
13:36 Graham Robbo: Hi
13:36 ewH: Jules…cool name!
13:36 corycc: good looking kid!
13:36 ewH: that looked like a mini male version of maggie
13:36 corycc: nose trick was totally worth @monkchips begging
13:36 maggiefox: @corycc thanks – I do make cute kids
13:37 thorstenster: @skeohan: They might still be using the horse + carriage.
13:37 jenrobinson: @monkchips doin well, thx. you? love the avatar.
13:37 skeohan: Shout out to Karin!
13:37 jspath55: an SAP Mentor too.
13:37 thorstenster: I need a female online persona. thorstine? thorstilette?
13:38 monkchips: jenrobinson – yeah, @lskrocki pinged me about chinposin with one of her classic avatars
13:38 jspath55: Karin looked at the entire conference, not just the ILM track.
13:38 Michael Koch: @thorstenster: “Thoretta”
13:38 yojibee: Yes, we definitely should be more women
13:38 Michael Schwandt: It works from within SAP domain
13:39 oliver: I’m also for way more women for sure!
13:39 monkchips: powerful women? do they have budgets/
13:39 maggiefox: @monkchips yes
13:39 jenrobinson: @monkchips i do
13:39 jspath55: I need to check ASUG volunteer ranks – I think it is extremely diverse.
13:40 monkchips: see what i did there? top salesman. now i know where the money is…
13:40 jspath55: And Bhanu is an ASUG volunteer, BTW
13:40 RichHeilman: Yea, people used to say “Thanks man” in her forum posts
13:41 GretchenL0703: At least it makes sense that people assumed that Bhanu was a man. I still get stuff addressed to Mr. Gretchen Lindquist.
13:42 jspath55: @gretchen
13:42 ewH: ok, I think we all agree that diversity is good…so what can we do?
13:42 Graham Robbo: We loose women to our industry in middle school. We need to find a way to retain them so the numbers imbalance is corrected
13:42 monkchips: gender free would SUCK!
13:42 Graham Robbo: Sorry I meant “lose”
13:42 dahowlett: yoohoo
13:42 dahowlett: @monkchips – it would suck mightily
13:43 jspath55: Example ASUG Community Volunteer Leadership Community Facilitator Ina Lerner Dow Corning Corporation Community Facilitator Catherine Barrett Philips Medical Systems – Cardia
13:43 jspath55: …iac Monitoring Systems Community Facilitator JoEllen Fiorvante Bridge Installation
13:45 dahowlett: douchebaggery – yay!
13:45 corycc: DB – lol!
13:45 maggiefox: al hail the douchebags!
13:45 corycc: thanks maggie / craig – great discussion!
13:46 monkchips: thanks crazyfox
13:46 RichHeilman: Thanks Maggie
13:46 ewH: bye Maggie…see you at TechEd?
13:46 jenrobinson: thanks guys
13:46 oliver: I propose @monkchips to become Technical Woman h.c. That should give the movement some traction.
13:46 GretchenL0703: Yes, thank you both!
13:46 jspath55: #BITIpeeps are doing our part
13:46 dahowlett: Maggie can punch people through the internet
13:46 monkchips: holy ****. two nose things in one day. we’re not worthy
13:46 skeohan: Great for underwater swimming
13:47 maggiefox: @dahowlett – LOL
13:47 monkchips: thanks Craig!
13:47 maggiefox: @monkchips don’t get used to it!
13:47 skeohan:
13:47 monkchips: i gotta be a guest on the show again soon. it needs more profanity
13:47 maggiefox: Thanks, everyone!
13:47 dahowlett: tootlepip Maggie
13:47 jenrobinson: ooh, love the backdrop, craig
13:48 dahowlett: cheers
13:48 Graham Robbo: Bye
13:48 jspath55: Thanks from Jim
13:48 jenrobinson: thx, craig
13:48 skeohan: nice Craig, we can still see you
13:48 skeohan: Nope, not leaving
13:48 ewH: this is like watching the rolling credits
13:48 oliver: thx bye
13:48 thorstenster: thanks, bye!
13:48 Graham Robbo: Bed time for me now
13:48 monkchips: dude check out my avatar today
13:48 ewH: just in case theres an extra scene
13:48 monkchips: outtakes!
13:49 se38_uwe: outtakes
13:49 ewH: loved the dance
13:49 RichHeilman: WTF?
13:49 thorstenster: Here they come!!!
13:49 ewH: that alone was worth the price of admission
13:49 skeohan: We’re still watching you
13:50 dhague: hey – I resemble that avatar!
13:50 skeohan: Thanks Craig!
13:52 ccmehil: thank you everyone!

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