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Project Objectify

I’m involved in a project writing Smartforms and reports and other stuff within QM, a module I’ve never worked in before.  Being a conscientous object oriented programmer, I started by writing some classes for, what I think are called, Data Access Objects (DAOs). 


Just becaucse I used a three letter acroynm, doesn’t mean this is going to be dull and technical.  Now, have another sip of coffee and pay attention.

In QM, there are these things called Notifications.  I’m writing reports that gather information about different kinds of notifications, and analyse that information publish it in a particular way.  So my first DAO class was for notifications.

Once I’d written it, I found I was using it in all subsequent programs I was tasked to write.

And, one night, having come back from the pub, having imbided a few very fine English ales, I thought.

Why am I writing this stuff?

( I mean the ABAP, not this blog).

You see – I can’t be the only developer on the planet who’s needed this data.  Someone else must have needed it before.  So why am I knee deep in debugger and SQL traces, working out where the sampling locations are to be garnered for a maintenance plan. ( That’s for my maintenance plan DAO, not my notification DAO ).

So, on the road to Damascus my home town I had this germ of an idea.  Hopefully it’ll be more infectious than swine ‘flu.

A project. (not called Torchwood), to write reasonably comprehensive DAO classes for all the different Business objects within R/3, ECC.

or whatever it’s called now.

A collaborative, community project.  We could have a motto –

One screen field – one getter.

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  • The only way to do this is to open source it - as ABAP-oo has been around for 10 years or so - but still no signs of these kinds of classes arising from the SAP stables. I plan to try to get my outsourced dev team to code in ABAP-oo the whole way (following SAPs own coding guidelines) - but currently of 300 odd Indian developers - they have 4 who can code ABAP-oo - so it seems there are mountains to climb everywhere.
    • That sounds like quite a challenge.  From my observations, I believe a signïficant majority of "classic" ABAP developers have grave difficulty switching to Object Orientation. 

      As and when I get time, I shall put a few classes in some appropriate area, to try and get the ball rolling.  It is something that I think the whole development community - well, the whole SAP community in fact - would benefit greatly from.  A comprehensive suite of data access classes, could greatly reduce development times.  I know from the ABAP forums, that there's a lot of questions about "Where do I get this data from".

  • Converting to ABAP-OO is just one step at a time.  I'm currently at the first step, or second with a lot more to climb.

    One of the constraints is those darn consultants.  I, of course always blame the consultants.  Yes, I read your information.  Anyway most of the consultants do not write ABAP-OO.  So when they come in and write code we still have it out there to support, and it is new code.  There are a ton more reasons of course.

    I'd be really interested in open DAOs.  I might even be able to write a few - after some examples of course.  (I have worked with QM notifications, samples, etc.) 🙂

    • Matthew did the sales pitch for this idea few years ago. Perhaps you can come up with proof of concept using Github or GoogleCode 😏

      That could start a movement.

      • Maybe I will!

        But I'm not nearly skilled enough to develop nice good-looking classes like the ones in abap2xlsx...

        But I can try to get this thing going... and then more skilled people can take over and change everything haha! I'll keep this in my wish list 🙂



          • Hi Bruno Esperança

                              I like this concept of Objectify.Thanks for the link to your repository.

            I am new to Gitbub and stuff , my question is how do we collaborate code from different people.Will each one have to maintain their own library and share link here or all the code is uploaded in Github.

            Hope i was clear .



          • Hi Sriramula!

            I am glad you are interested 🙂 If you would like to contribute, I can add you as a contributor to the repository, just let me know your github user name.



          • Hi Bruno Esperanca,

                                           Once i am ready with some code which will be helpful to others or which is not present in repository, i will create a user and then will message you. Until then i am just an Aspirant .