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Security how it can baffle you

There are some reports which are bread and butter for the Finance and Controllership team uses day in day out. These reports are designed based on a mix of HCM and FI/CO requirements in mnind. The report forms the base for a lot of computation, decision making and analysis across the organization. One of the key users had scheduled this so called ‘bread and butter’ report in background. Once she downloaded the report, there weer a lot of records where key information like Cost Center (KOSTL) was missing in the report. To check the case, we took a sample run and it gave all the desired output. We told her that we should share the file for you and to schedule the report again that night and report if any issues. In the menawhile, it puzzled how, it could happen. I gave up saying let us not waste time in finding what went wrong, lets make the new report work. I was sure that since the new report was fetching all the details, it would appear again. Then of our most skilled Technical Consultant analyzed and told, that it is because of Security.


For a minute I was blank, the bread and buter report, which she has been extracting for days together, how could that give a Security related error. There was only possibilty and it slipped all of our minds. We have created some custom objects for the enhancing the Organization Structure. And by oversight, we had not yet assigned the new objects in the PFCG roles. Howe on earth did we expect these reports to run.


Well, it was a complete surprise in this case.

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