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OrgPublisher Interface to SAP – Publishing OrgPublisher chart on SAP Portal

Hi all,

There is a series of OrgPublisher blogs, in case you require to refer back to.

OrgPublisher Interface to SAP – Part 1

OrgPublisher Interface to SAP – Part 2 (Data Extraction)

OrgPublisher Interface to SAP – Part 3 (Create output format)

OrgPublisher Interface to SAP – Part 4 (Additional Fields and Summary Wizard)


This blog will focus on a potential approach of integrating and publishing an OrgPublisher dashboard or OrgPublisher org chart in SAP Portal.

Here is how this can be acomplished.

Process Flow:

The process flow is as follows:

1. Extract Org chart from SAP into OrgPublisher.
2. Publish Org chart in OrgPublisher application, this will generate the required htm file along with additional *.js and *.ocp files.
3. Upload all three i.e. *.htm, *.js and *.ocp files to SAP Portal.
4. In SAP Portal create a URL iView, a Portal Page, a Workset and a Role.
5. In order to display your page on SAP portal certain assignments should be carried out in a specific order:
a. Assign URL iView to new Page;
b. Assign Page to Workset;
c. Assign Workset to Role, and finally;
d. Assign Role to User.

Thus when the user with assigned role logon SAP Portal, this user will be able to view OrgPublisher in SAP portal.


The above fig shows the OrgPublisher dashboard is fully displayed with Langauge Skills, Planning and Sales Tabs along with other orgpublisher features.

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  • Step 3 tells us to upload some files to the SAP Portal. You certainly need to give some more details, such as which tools to use and where to store the objects…
    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Basically, it requires OrgPublisher application. Please see previous blogs.
      Part 4 of the blog series gives an outlook of the OrgPublisher application. Within this application, we have the option of publishing the SAP extracted Org chart to web. When a user runs Publishing functionality in OrgPublisher, it generates three files that are stated in step 3.
      Hope this answers your query.


      • The files generated by OrgPublisher when uploaded to SAP Portal should go under KM, documents folder. From here we can use the URL of SAP portal into the URL iView.
    • Hi,

      Just a note, in case you don’t want to load the three files in the KM folder …

      We integrated Aquire Orgpublisher in Sap portal ESS, also by using an URL-Iview, but we just put the files in a directory on a webserver, on which we also run orgpublisher-webadmin.  (we only let the users display the chart (E-chart rich publishing), use search functionalities, exporting options to powerpoint)

      We send the extract produced in SAP to this server using a scheduled background job.  By means of XI we automatically send it to our webserver and combining this with the OrgPublisher automated publishing options, we get fully automated overnight refreshes of the org chart.

  • Hi Mohammad,

    We are using Aquire OrgPublisher integrated in SAp portal for a few months now and we want to take it a step further.

    We want to integrate it with Sap single sign on, so when the user opens the org chart, he is immediatley positioned on his own unit.

    We tried it via windows authentication, which worked fine, but the problem is that the windows NT account is not stored in SAP, so we can’t use it as a custom field in the extract.

    The SAP R/3-user however is off course present in SAP and therefore SAP SSO would be the way to do it.

    We asked Aquire if they have the new procedure instructions for windows 2003 X64 and SAP Portal 7.0, because the information they provide is for earlier relases using other filters …

    They reffered me to the linked in group, which is where I found you.

    So, my question is:
    Do you have any experience in using SAP SSO for Aquire Orgpublisher in the newer SAP relaeses (e.g. using filter SAPSSOEXT)?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Ken,
      Not as of now. We shall be exploring SSO with SAP credentials shortly and will update accordingly. Initially the work around that I would have considered is somewhat below:
      1. Publish org chart for each user group and load in KM. This will be multiple files w.r.t each user group and would have the chart starting from their individual dept/position etc.
      2. Create a portal URL iView, a Portal Page, a Workset and a Role for each.
      3. From here, I would look into possible options of SSO between the user SAP credentials and the portal role.

      It’s only the raw understanding of how I would proceed intially, and would certainly hit the wall in due course.

      You may try on the above guidelines, in the meantime, if I manage this successfully I shall be pleased to share in another blog.


    • HiBen,
      OrgPub is sold on the number of user records i.e. how many emp records are to be viewed. Thus there is one license, to my knowledge, for SAP. However, for further info I would suggest to consult OrgPub sales.