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Next Generation Enterprise – Service Oriented

Hi all,

I am back after a long time. I was watching a program last night on the Discovery Channel about future technologies. Although  people are working on this for a while now but I got some really good intro to the world of future technologies only after watching the program last night.

It talked about some very interesting things. It talked about how tiny bits combine together to perform a task. How these bits are intelligent enough to perform the task. About the problems we face today and how Nanobots can help us in solving those.

The important thing is the information that these objects will carry. Imagine the situation of a railway station. At any point of time there are thousand people moving across to catch a train but very rarely they bump into eachother. Now, if the same intelligence can be incorporated in cars, then we can make amazing progress. By just implementing this in 20% of todays cars we can solve the entire traffic problem that we face everyday!

However, it missed out on one thing that we are all interested in,


Now, imagine this. I am stuck with this problem as to how I should make my supply chain efficient and I can find no way to solve this! In today’s times efficiency is the keyword. Things are not that great with the recession or slowdown. Businesses are fighting for every dollar. Imagine if I can improve this. 

I can solve my problems only if I have information. The information that matters to me, my business. It is like roaming in the railway station without bumping into anyone. It is like knowing where to go, which train to catch and how I should go. It is like understanding every move of other person and avoiding a collision. 

Let is take an example of a real world scenario. When I am stuck with any problem, I post a question in the Forum. Now, the question is viewed by experts all over the world and answered.

Businesses today look much different than what it used to be a couple of decades back. Companies are joining hands to improve the R&D costs and increase the efficiency. For example the invention of LCD which was developed by a consortium of  elctronic companies. In times of stiff competition, businesses are realizing the real potential of collaboration and becoming more Service Oriented. 

Businesses are becoming more and more adaptive to the environment around them and this will improve further with collaboration. By becoming more Service Oriented.

This means the best Service at affordable prices. 

The recession is the time for introspection for all businesses and take a giant leap forward towards future. 

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