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How to use common info source for connecting data targets with BW 3.5 Architecture

Business Scenario

We want to connect three data targets, two ODSes and one Info cube of source layer to two Info cubes and one ODS of target layer.

SAP BW 3.5 

                                                          BW 3.5 System


If want to use the common infosurce connecting different data targets in BW 3.5, we cannot do so with normal development approach. Therefore most of the time we go for BI 7.0 architecture where we can create common infosource and can connect data targets through transformation.

But if BI7.0 architecture is not supported by existing landscape or client is not ready to upgrade from BW3.5 to BI7.0 then we can use the following development approach

Problem with normal development approach

When we create the ODS, system will create export data source and infosource automatically. Also system will assign data source to infosource and generate the transfer rules between them. Similarly when we create an export data source for infocube, system will create data source and infosource, will assign the data source to system-generated infosource through transfer rules. As we all know the fact that we can assign one data source to only one Infosource but one infosource can be connected to multiple data sources. 

As the result of which the data sources generated by system for the data targets in source layer are not available for assignment. (Data sources are already assigned to the infosources generated by system) Also we cannot create the link between to Info sources. Therefore above requirement cannot be implemented using normal development approach. 

Real Picture at system level in BW 3.5

                             Real Picture at system level in BW 3.5

Step by step description

Following development approach should be used to fulfill the requirement. 

  1. Create data targets of Source layer i.e. ODS_source1, ODS_source2 and IC_source1 in our example.
  2. On creation of ODS, system will generate export data source automatically
  3. Generate data source for Info cube (IC_source1) manually
  4. Now delete the system generated info sources for the Source layer
  5. Objects also delete the corresponding Transfer rule.
  6. Thus we have the Data sources, which are not assigned, to any Info source
  7. Create a common Info Source with all required fields (will be the super set of fields for source and target layer data targets)
  8. Create Transfer rule between data source and common info source
  9. Create Update rule between common info source and data target of Target layer
  10. Now create the info packages for loading data
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