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FPN for Toddlers

A Federated Portal Network is a network of independent portals within an organization. These portals can be either within the same region or across the global (global or non global).


Ok fine… What is the need for such consolidation and calling it as FPN?  The world is flat today!  Most of the Organizations go for acquisitions, mergers, having business units across the globe to meet the challenging competition in their field. In such scenarios, information sharing, consolidation of business information to make informed business decisions are crucial.  


Organizations may have various installations of portal across various business units, across different locations. Organizations need a single point of access to any information within the organization by having a single portal access point, while retaining the existing portal installations & reusing / sharing content from these portals.  Since FPN allows content sharing between Portals, this is a best solution for Organizations to improve their user productivity, increase the ROI & reduce TCO


Now let’s understand few basics on FPN. Portals within FPN are classified as Producer Portal & Consumer Portal.  A portal that exposes the content to be consumed by other portals is called producer portal. A portal that consumes the content from other portals is called consumer portal. However, a portal can be both a producer & a consumer.


FPN can be implemented as either Content Federation or Portal Federation.

Content Federation means out of all the portals in the network, only one portal will act as a consumer. All other portals in that network will be producer portal.

Portal Federation means portals can be both consumers and producers.  Each portal can function as entity of its own and serve its own users, apart from producing & consuming the content.

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    • I totally agree with Michael here. This blog provides no knew knowledge or interpretation of SAP’s technology. This is just a quick (and dirty) definition of the FPN principle that even contains some slightly wrong passages.
  • Hi
    Very lucid and well written blog… I had basic idea of FPN. After reading your blog, I was able to understand the various scenarios where FPN can be implemented.
    Expecting similar blogs explaining business scenarios for the technologies you may have experience on.
    • One such scenarios could be all group announcements, news, organizational policies can be produced from one portal and consumed by various portals (of subsidaries of an org) and displayed into their home page.

      Pls share your thoughts on other scenarios.