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There are many instances when one needs to trace an issue end-end.

This blog talks about why and how to back trace from an IDoc in a File-PI-IDoc scenario. The same can be applied with other senders also.

The reasons why back tracing is required can be as follows:

1) The file was successfully converted in PI and sent to SAP as an IDoc but it errored out in SAP due to incorrect data sent in the file. In this case we need to find the exact file name related to this IDoc and inform the sender to rectify and resend it.

2) Another case can be when one needs to check the exact data sent in the source file and then trace at which stage the data got transformed.

When there are many such IDocs being posted everyday it becomes slightly difficult to trace the exact PI message & eventually the file related with the Idoc

This blog provides an easy method to do the same  

  1. Go to transaction we05 or we02 in the SAP system and select the Idoc you want to back trace
  2. Click on the Control Record to display its details
  3. image

  4. Click on the details tab of the Control Record & copy the Identification data as highlighted in the screenshot. This is the message id which was generated in Adapter Engine (assuming a Central Adapter Engine is used) & consequently used by Integration Engine.  
  5. image

  6. This message id can be directly used in Adapter Engine to locate the File which was sent by the sender.

    For doing so, go to Runtime Workbench-> Message Monitoring -> select Adapter Engine from the “Messages from Component” drop down -> select Database from the “From” drop down. Then click on “Show Additional Criteria” button which will enable the advanced selection options 

  7. image

  8. Past the message id in the Extended Filter Criteria Message ID option & press “Start” button 
  9. image

  10. The message display tool will be shown below with the message details including the filename.  
  11. image

One can also look at the message details to analyze the source data sent

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  1. Former Member

    the title is sort of misleading. using the message ID, you can trace it end to end for any kind of scenario and not limited only to file sources.


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