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Structural Authorization Setup for Duet 1.5 Implementation

During the Duet 1.5 setup process (for Time Management & Leave Management scenarios), the project team experienced different authorization issues in both LEMA and TIMA scenarios as described below.

The Issues

TIMA: For the “Trigger White Space Recording Task” scheduled in the Duet server, the job kept returning “User does not exist” error in the log. And this error was sent to the Outlook clients to all the Duet users after the job was completed.

LEMA: In this case, the Requestor’s and Approver’s comments were missing in the Leave Request and Confirmation after running the leave scheduler as background job.


After some troubleshootings, the project team found out the root cause of the above issues were not due to User Roles or Authorization Profiles given in SU01.

It was due to the missing of HR Structural Authorization setup for both system users for the WSR scheduled task in TIMA and the Leave Scheduler job in LEMA.

For example, let’s say the system user is named DUETADMIN to run the TIMA and LEMA scheduled tasks.

This system user should be added in the entries of table T77UA via transaction OOSB. Click on “New Entries” to add an entry for DUETADMIN as follows:


Save the new entry and then it will be shown in the table content.


Save the changes of the table T77UA and exit. By doing so, it will ensure the system user will execute the TIMA and LEMA background tasks correctly.

If there is no entry SAP* or the desired system username in the T77UA table, then the authorization will be denied which will cause problem in the TIMA and LEMA implementations.


For more details on HR Structural Authorization, you can check out more information in SAP Help Portal.

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