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So what’s with the SAP Cluetrain this year?

Last year we had an awesome ride from Frankfurt to Berlin, this year the idea has been to do Frankfurt to Vienna, however I’ve not had a lot of positive luck/results yet in figuring out if it’s possible or even how to do it. The following video is a short 4:42 video of me explaining what I’ve done, my thoughts and of course my plea to the community to find contacts and of course suggestions and alternate suggestions to the concept this year.

SAP TechEd ’08 Cluetrain – on board! and I’d love to repeat it however I also don’t want to set false expectations this year and so I’m here asking the community to step up and help me find my way…

I’ve SAP Cluetrain 2009, happening? for everyone to give their feedback, suggestions and thoughts to the idea and again if you have contacts at the Deutsche Bahn by all means please let me know!
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