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Leverage SAP PLM to navigate through uncertain times

For all those who couldn’t attend the webinar on “Leverage SAP PLM to Navigate through Uncertain Times”, I will try to give some more insights on the event.

Thomas Ohnemus Solution Marketing, SAP started with a short round of introduction of the speakers:  Ed Miller, President- CIMdata, Hans Thalbauer, Vice President of SAP PLM and Martin Bachmann, Solution Manager of SAP PLM.

As the webinar was focused on how SAP PLM can be leveraged through this uncertain time, I will try to cover Ed’s point of view in this blog.

Ed spoke based on the research which CIMdata did with their clients over the years, the Motivation about how they changed, the role of PLM and what are the plans and the programs which should be kept in mind and could be considered at this uncertain time.

Ed emphasized on the statement that PLM enabled collaboration environments facilitates innovation, but PLM must be directly aligned with a company’s business strategy.

In today’s situation, the truth is that current economic climate is stressing the business all over the world, but the success to this is to be innovative. Most of the times, when we say innovative, people just think about the product innovation, but it is very important to think about process innovation as well. A good example given by Ed for process innovation was from EDAS, the parent company on Airbus.  Because of the problems coming from Airbus on 380 programs, CEO of the overall entity  launched the program saying that they have to harmonize the process that are facilitated by their PLM Environment.

In current situations, going through and reducing excess expensed does not mean cutting everything out. It means effectively cutting in the right areas and looking to things at maintaining those that are really valuable.  Another example which was quoted by Ed was on Japanese electronics industry. Sharp electronics is in very good position when it comes to flat screen technology. They looked to this and decided to invest heavily in developing the next generation technology at this time, so that when economy turns around, they can jump in and take a bigger market share and position. In addition to the above example, Business Week also mentioned about the variety of companies that were investing in different ways of their future.

Ed mentioned various other things on enabling collaboration, scope of PLM Programs and many other things. But he concluded with a very strong note which makes us think that are we going to succeed by thinking in Short Term programs or will it be more critical for innovation if we think for Long Term programs?

Hear the podcast  and see the recorded version of the Webinar for more information from Ed and Hans.

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