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SAP CRM using Listings & Exclusions – A Short Overview

In industries like Consumer Products, High Tech. and so on, it is usually useful to control the products that are permitted or not permitted for selected accounts during a particular time period and in specific business processes. This can be achieved in SAP CRM using Listings & Exclusions.

Listings are a set of products or product groups that are defined as valid for a specific period for a particular account. The included products in a ‘Listing’ are permitted for use while those in an ‘Exclusion’ aren’t permitted for use for a particular account. Companies can use Listings & Exclusions in order to –

· Better target their customer segments.

· Maximize sales revenue.

· Manage export regulations.

Listings can be integrated across the following business processes in SAP CRM –

·  Product proposal in Activity Journals.

·  Product proposal in Orders & Business Partner Cockpit for Mobile Sales.

·  Listing & Exclusion check in Order Processing, Account Planning and Trade Promotion Management.


Listings are integrated with SAP ERP and SAP CRM Mobile Sales. Initial download from SAP ERP to SAP CRM is possible with SAP CRM being the leading system for listing maintenance. Automatic delta upload from SAP CRM to SAP ERP is possible. Initial download from SAP CRM to SAP CRM Mobile Sales is possible along with delta upload and download.


SAP CRM provides the user with the following reports to analyse the Listing data –

· Listed Products by Account – to see which products are listed or excluded for an account or account hierarchy node.

· Non-Listed Products by Account – to see which products aren’t listed for an account or account hierarchy node.

· Product Listing Rate by Account – to see the product listing rate and number of listed products for an account hierarchy node and its sub-nodes and accounts.


Listings thereby enable –

· Improvement in top-level negotiation and sell-in process.

· Building product mix by customer defined business context and category management point of view.

· Efficient sales operations with consistent usage of Listings across business processes.

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    • Hello Vitaliy,

      Thanks for your feedback. These reports are CRM reports and are available as part of the Listing application itself. Let me know if you need any more information.

      Best regards,

      • Hi Sandeep,

        we have a situation in SAP R/3 where in we use the material exclusion at the Order level, but if we add another item (not in Sales order) that is excluded at the delivery level, it is not getting excluded. Do you have any leads on this?

        – Easwar

  • Hi Sandeep,

    While creating a quotation I get an error message as below:

    Item 10: Listing check result: product cannot be ordered

    What can I do to eliminate the error message so that I can create a quotation without this error.

    Thanks in Advance,