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Sales Order Enhancement Series: Simplified Price Maintenance using Predefined Price Elements

The Simplified Price Maintenance is another Sales Order Enhancement Series: Overview that makes life a lot easier for a sales rep.

Sales reps can now effectively negotiatie prices and discounts by using the Simplified Price Maintenance features in the ERP Sales Order. With the new features you can check and maintain conditions (like customer discounts, customer price, list price, margin etc.) directly and intuitively in the main sales tab or item overview tab of the ERP Sales Order, without the need to further navigate to the complex item conditions view.

The displayed conditions and subtotals, called “Predefined Price Elements”, can be configured per order type.

And the configuration is a piece of cake. This is how it works:

1) Activate Business Function
First you need to make sure the required Business Function of the ERP Enhancement Package is activated. The Simplified Price Maintenance (using Predefined Price Elements) is part of SAP ERP Core 6.0 EhP4, contained in component SAP_APPL 604 in Business Function LOG_SD_SIMP_02. This business function must be activated in transaction SFW5 before you can customize the new features.

2) Identify Predefined Price Elements
Go to IMG > Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Pricing > Predefined Price Elements > Identify Predefined Price Elements in Pricing, and select the view “Identify Predefined Price Elements in Pricing”.

Here you have to identify the predefined price elements, and maintain it per pricing procedure:

Identify Predefined pRICE eLEMENTS

3) Define Predefined Price Elements for Document Type

Go to IMG > Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Pricing > Predefined Price Elements > Predefined Price Elements for Document Type

Here you have to maintain the conditions and subtotals for the order type(s), and assign price element from the list. “Cntr” is the sequence of the conditions displayed in the sales order tabs.

Define Predefined Price Elements for Document type

4) Define Display Options
Go to IMG > Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Pricing > Predefined Price Elements > Define Display Options

Here you can define whether you want to display the formerly predefined price elements with

  • a) rate value, currency, price unit and unit of measure
  • b) rate value with currency
  • c) just the rate value

That’s all you have to configure. As I said – piece of cake.

When you now start the sales order now with an order type you have maintained Predefined Price Elements for, you can see the configured conditions/subtotals:

Predefined Price Elements in va01

Common questions and answers:

  • How many conditions/subtotals can be maintained per order type?
    Up to six conditions/subtotals can be maintained per order type. In case you need more this can be done with a small modification (see SAP note 1165503).
  • Will the Predefined Price Elements potentially mess up my Sales Order or Pricing configuration?
    No – the settings do not change your pricing or other sales order behavior at all. Only existing (and configured) conditions/subtotals are displayed. The new capabilities allows users to access the conditions/subtotals faster, easier and more intuitive than it was possible before via the item conditions screen.

You can find more information about the Simplified Price Maintenance here:

Any questions and feedback are welcome!
Enjoy and post your experiences with the Simplified Price Maintenance!

Best regards,

Dr. Ingo Woesner
Product Management
Suite development – Multi Channel

P.S. Please read my other blogs about Sales Order Enhancements which are collected here:
Sales Order Enhancement Series: Overview

The Simplified Price Maintenance is available with SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 4.

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      • Hello Ingo,

        You have mentioned activating Business Enterprise Function, regarding that, just want to know if there is any risk involved or anything in particular we have to take care of? If you could please throw some light on it?

        thanks for your answers,

        with regards,


        • Hello Hussain,

          To my knowledge there are no unwanted side effects when activating the SD business functions I have mentioned in my blogs. After activating the business functions you still have to customize the corresponding new features. So with activating business functions but without subsequent customizing the sales order is unaffected and runs as before.

          SAP has the policy of a stable ECC core. So the features of the enhancement packages are add-ons on top of the core, but not modifying the core.

          The enhancements packages are described in

          Especially interesting to answer your question is the Business Function Prediction page on

          Best regards,


  • Hi Ingo,

    Thanks for your information! It is helping us a lot to understand clearly the business functions.

    Unfortunatelly the Info Kit for Simplified Price Maintenance is not avaiable anymore through the link. Would it be possibel to make it available again:

    Best Regards,

    José Ismael

    • Hi José,

      at the moment I cannot publish documents. Please send me an email to (Mail id removed) and I will send the info kit by email.

      Best regards,


      Message was edited by G. Lakshmipathi

      As per SCN rules, please dont provide your mail id here

    • Hi Nicolas,

      I am no longer involved in generic SD topics.

      This depends on the Customer Connection initiatives, where customer requirements are collected and scored.

      But since the simplified price maintenance feature is rarely requested, this is unlikely.

      You better implement it on project basis.

      Best regards,


      Dr. Ingo Woesner

      Product Manager Retail & Omni-Channel
      SAP SE