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What Is Docupedia, Anyway?

For those of you new to the concept, docupedia provides SAP NetWeaver documentation in a wiki format, enabling users to comment, rate, edit and share documentation content. By engaging the community, we hope to get more feedback about topics important to you, enrich our documentation and generally provide a better user experience to our readers.

The documentation content currently focuses on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EHP1 and is divided in several so-called workspaces, covering various areas and technologies in SAP NetWeaver:


Docupedia Now Visible to Everyone

Docupedia content is already visible even to non-registered users. Earlier it was necessary to request access to the space explicitly, now docupedia content is visible to everyone. You will be prompted to log in if you want to edit a document, post a discussion, write a blog or post a comment.

SAP Employees need no registration and SCN users need to activate their account to the Collaboration Workspace only once and will be subsequently authenticated through single sign-on.

New Home Page Design

We have altered the look and feel of the front page of docupedia to make it easier for our users to reach the content they need. Have a look!

New Docupedia Workspaces

The ABAP Technology workspace on docupedia is a fairly new one. It focuses on the AS ABAP documentation for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EHP 1. There you will find information about the ABAP programming language, documentation about the ABAP programming environment, presentation development and ABAP customer development.
Stay tuned for one more new documentation set coming up soon – SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 EHP1!


Docupedia is currently the second most visited space within the Collaboration Workspace. We would like to encourage everyone to share their thoughts on docupedia content by posting comments, voting on our polls, taking part in discussions, editing pages and requesting content.

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  1. Mark Finnern
    Hi Snezhina,

    Thanks for the update regarding SAP Docupedia.

    I was wondering, if there are anything that we have learned from the Docupedia experiment. I guess it is too early to point to any improvements in the general documentation from SCN Member edits?

    Would be great to know, Mark.

    P.S. Inquireing minds would also like to know what is most visited Collaboration Workspace.

    Also are there any leanings from the experiment?

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Docupedia is indeed in its early stages but we do get edits, comments and suggestions from readers. Some of them are actually already implemented in the official documentation and we do hope to get more.

      Currently more impressive is the view count. Just yesterday there were over 1800 unique views of SAP Library documents on docupedia, over unique views 9000 for the past week and over 17 000 for the past month.

      The most visited space in CW is the Main Workspace(i.e. the start page of CW), docupedia comes next.

      There is still some time until we come up with a specific list of findings but I guess the statistics for most viewed documents, search patters, navigation paths and so on will be quite interesting.

      We also expect the CE 7.1 documentation to attract attention and bring another target group to docupedia.



  2. Thorsten Franz
    Hi Snezhina,
    browsing through Docupedia, I wonder if there is any way of knowing where Docupedia entries differ from what I find in the SAP Library.
    The background of my question:
    I expect that currently the total delta will be a very small percentage of the SAP documentation, so rereading the many hundred pages of SAP documentation I have recently been consuming just for the chance of coming across a few new sentences would not be reasonable for me.
    But if the new stuff would be somehow highlighted and I could find the delta without having to comb through everything that has not been enhanced, I would gladly invest a lot of time working with that information.
    Also, I would be more inclined to make my own contributions if they were easily retrievable by others.
    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Thorsten,

      You raise a very good point here.

      What you can currently do, is use the versioning of the wikis. Version 1 is invariably the content coming straight from SAP Library. If you have more than 1 version, then the content has been changed in docupedia and by clicking on the Version link, you can see (properly highlighted) what has been changed, when and by whom.

      The “Recent Activity” widget also gives an overview of what has been changed by whom on the level of documents.

      We would also think of alternative ways of making the delta more prominent and conveniently accessible to our readers, thanks for pointing it out.




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