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Introduction to SAP Netweaver BPM: Part 3

We had a basic overview of SAP Netweaver BPM and its offering in Part 1 of this series of logs and in Part 2 we have learnt how to create a Web Dynpro project that will be used for UI of the Manual task that we are going to create here. This part focuses on the design of Business Process using Process Modeller and the next part will focus on invocation of Process through a Portal Iview using a Web Service. So lets get started by creating a Process Composer project by following the steps mentioned below:


Step 1: Create a new Process Composer Project

Select New > Development Component > Process Composer > Process Composer Development Component


Step 2: Define the project details

Choose a project name and press finish.


Step 3: Define Dependencies

Choose the WDP project that we created in Part 1 and select the Dependencies at Build, Deploy and Runtime



Step 4: Create a New Process

Name the process as SampleProcess and press the Next button, check the Create a New Pool checkbox in the screen and press the Finish button



Step 5: Design the process

Create a Human Task and create a Connection from Start to this task and from this task to the End.


Step 6: Select the UI for the human Task

Click on the Choose Button available in the User Interface Component Selection


Select the Public Part that we created for the WDP project and choose the Test_ResultInterfaceView and press the Next button


Select the Complete event handler as Completion event


Step 7: Create a Data Object for storing the Data in the process

Create a Data Object and select the Type as Context of the ResultInterfaceView.


Step 8: Complete the Mappings for the Task

Select the Start and complete the Output Mapping as shown below. Thi input will be coming from the Portal Iview using the Web Service which will be sent to the Human Activity as an Input.


Complete the Input Mapping for the Human Activity. Data that came from the Web Service to the Data Object will be shown in this task.


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