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Free and Formal SAP Learning

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need to know the immediate answer to an immediate problem. Sometimes I turn to the SAP Community Network, to find the answer; at other times I look to Google. It depends on the problem and the context. Of course, the results that you find on Google are not necessarily verified – you take your chances with every keystroke.

Here on SCN, thanks to the generosity of the community, there is all manner of free learning. For example:

The good thing about this content is that others from the community have the opportunity to review it. While this is not necessarily a guarantee, it does give you the opportunity to check whether a particular approach has been commented on, verified, adjusted  or even discredited.

At other times, our learning needs may be more formal. We may need to take a class for a deep dive into a particular topic. For example, I may be needing to understand the new enterprise data warehousing functions in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BW and decide to enrol in this Delta course. Alternatively, this five hour SAP eLearning course may just give me enough of a BW overview to get on with my job. And while I am doing the course, I might just keep my boss busy by downloading a few of the free business intelligence papers available in the Free Content section of Leaning on Demand by SAP.

Whatever your learning needs, there are plenty of free and formal options. The challenge is not finding content that satisfies your learning or skilling needs, but integrating these into your personal career development plan.

In upcoming blog posts, I will be sharing with you some tips for doing this by creating your own personal learning environment (PLE). Using a PLE you can begin to take control of your learning and career development by integrating all these different types of learning content in a way that supports your own career aspirations.

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  • Hi Gavin,
    Thanks for the initiative. PLE will certainly help both senior and junior consultants to design their way ahead in line with technology. It’s very interesting idea and I look forward to your next blog over this.
    Keep it up.


  • Great blog Gavin. I’m looking forward to your upcoming PLE. I agree, the free learning material on SCN is vast. The search facility on SCN isn’t so great though. I often stumble on guides by accident that I should have found months back when I tried doing a search. Ubiquity seems to circumvent this somewhat & produce better search results.