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Learning SAP BW, The Twitter way – BW-Tweet #4

Quite a few of you are also following us at, many thanks for that. We hope to put in lot more content there as we move forward and will continue with this weekly micro-blog / tweet.  I am sure you are enjoying and experimenting with little tips here. As I mentioned it is all about exploration. 


This one I am sure few of you must have tried but worth trying again –  See the query definition without getting into BEx query designer – Execute (Tcode SE38) RSRQ_QUERYDEFINITION and input query technical name. Try this if you haven’t already, I am sure you shall appreciate this. 

See you next week!!!   


Disclaimer – Idea is to learn something in couple of seconds without going through lengthy blogs or articles. BW-Tweet hopes to exist with blogs and articles rather than replacing those. Also this is reproduction of concepts and in no way qualify as an original piece of work.

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