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CRM 7.0: Account Quick Create – a new little feature

With this Blog I want to highlight a nice little feature in the Area of Account and Contact Management which is part of CRM 7.0 and will be avialable with EHP1: 
The “Account Quick-Create”.


In most of the cases users create Activities, Opportunities, etc. not with new but existing Accounts (Customers or Prospects).
However, sometimes there is a call or any kind of contact and the Sales Rep. immediately want’s to capture a Task, an Appointment, an Opportunity or Lead.

However an Opportunity doesn’t makes sense if there is no Prospect assigned and it is also quite difficult to create an Appointment without the related Business Partner.
In the past the user was forced to leave the Opportunity, Activity, etc., just in order to create the related Account.
In this case this could be very annoying if the user has already entered a lot of data but he can’t save this correctly as the Account/Prospect is a mandatory field.

Now the user can create the Account just on the fly without leaving the current context.
From an effort-perspective there is in principle no difference if the user assigns an existing Account or if he creates a new Account (with only few data).

This process starts with the Value-Search for Accounts within the overview of an Appointment, Task, Lead, Opportunity, etc.
Here additional buttons are available to create Accounts (Corporate-, Individual- or Group Accounts) within the popup.
If the user presses one of these buttons the Value-Search-Popup turns into the Quick-Create Popup.

Within the Account Quick Create only some basic data, like name, address- and communication-data can get entered.
In principle it would be sufficient to just enter a name, if there are no other mandatory fields.

Now the user can return to the original object and the new created account is now already related to this object.

As an optional next step the user can also use the Contact Person Quick-Create to create a Contact Person related to the new created Account and the current transaction (Opportunity, Task, Appointment, etc.).

The “Account Quick Create” is an option to enter Opportunities, Tasks, Appointments and other transactions without any real interruption of the process even if the related Account was not yet available in advance. This makes the usage of CRM more flexible
… and hopefully easier as well.

Useful Information
How to use the Account Quick Create is shown in the Video:

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  • This has long been a painpoint in a lot of SAP transactions – where we have to leave the transaction and then go create master data.

    However, from a data governance point of view – this could cause some grief. If several sales guys started creating accounts on the fly, since it is easier than taking time to search for an existing one – it will be a lot of work to merge them later.

    Is there a way to identify if an account was created on the fly ? Like a flag or something?

    • Hi Vijay!
      Thank you for your comment.
      You are right there will be the risk that there are later on duplicate Account-Records with only some data.
      There is no flag like “created on the fly” or any kind of “Validation-Level” of the Business Partner Address.
      However we enable the integration of a duplicate check. For sure the duplicate-check will not work if the user only enters a dummy-name and no address.
      So it’s again a trade-off between flexibility and accuracy.
      Best regards
  • Hi,

    This is very interesting. However, the quick create buttons do not appear to be available in out CRM 7.0 SP3 system. Is this because this functionality is part of a later release?


    • Hello!
      Well, this is rather an appetizer …
      This feature is part of CRM 7.0 and will be delivered with EhP1 which is not yet available for Customers.
      Best regards
        • Hi Anders!
          At this point in time there is no consolidated list of features and functions available.
          For the different areas the so called RKT-Material (RKT = Ramp-up Knowledge Transfer) is in preparation. However I don’t know timelines for this and if there is additional material available.

          Best regards

  • The feature is certainly useful, and is similar to that for leads etc.

    However the said “button” or click area does appear, as suggested, in the “Contacts” search pop-up but doesnt show up in the BP account creation.

    We create BP with the role of Prospects, would that have any bearing on that, if not then what else? Do enlighten please.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Arno,

      I am trying to use “Quick Creation of Accounts” from leads and opportunities, but the Individual, Corporate buttons on the result list in the search accounts pop-up screen are disabled and I am not able to create accounts.

      And is there any limitation from SAP that it will allow the Quick Creation of accounts from only leads and opportunities and not for other business objects, as I don’t get the Individual, Corporate buttons on the result list in the search accounts pop-up screen from the Complaints and other business objects.

      Please help me out in achieving this.



      • Hi Raj,

        not for all objects the Account Quick Create has been enabled.

        For many Sales Transactions the transaction is not the first transaction with the related Business Partner. For Activities, Opportunities it is probably the first transaction for the new Business Partner. Therefore for objects in a later phase of the Sales Cycle the Account Quick Create is not possible.

        However I can ask my colleagues go get some additional data regarding the objects supporting the Account Quick Create.

        Best regards,


        • Hi Arno,

          Thanks a lot for your response.

          Can you please let me know for what all business objects “Account Quick Create” is possible.

          Are is there any config setting needed to enable the buttons for quick create because  the Individual, Corporate buttons on the result list in the search accounts pop-up screen are disabled and I am not able to create accounts in case of leads, opportunities.We have CRM 7.0 EhP1 system implemented.



        • Dear Arno,

          We are also facing the similar issue faced by Raja Reddy i.e. we are unable to see the buttons for quick create for the Individual, Corporate, Group buttons on the result list in the search Prospects pop-up screen and I am not able to create Prospects in case of leads, opportunities.We have implemented CRM 7.0 EhP2 system .

          Please suggest if any notes need to implement for this to enable the Quick Create Buttons in Leads & Opportunities or any additional developments/Config is required?

          Best Regards,