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Our pilot OpenID provider is now available for you to try – all you need to do is go to Update Profile and set up your SAP OpenID identifier. Be careful in your choice of ID though: the URL will become your SAP digital identity, and will be used as the login ID for other sites. This means that you cannot change it once you’ve saved it to your profile – if we did let you change it, you would no longer be able to log into any of the sites that used your previous OpenID.

Once you’ve created your OpenID, you can try it out in two ways:

  • First, just type your OpenID into your browser’s address bar. This will show your SCN Business Card, which helps to verify your identity to anyone who knows your OpenID.
  • Second, try using it to log into an OpenID-enabled site, such as – you will be asked to log into SCN (if you’re not already logged in), and then you’ll be asked if it’s OK to log into the requested site. Click the link, and you’re onto the other site – no need to set up or remember a new password. In fact, if you’ve already set up an SAP Passport, then this comes pretty close to giving you single sign-on to any OpenID-enabled site on the web. Cool, huh?

Our main reason for becoming an OpenID Provider is so that we can offer a single sign-on experience for SCN users when accessing selected internal and external partner sites (such as ES Workplace and the Career Center). For these sites, when you click on the link in SCN you will be taken straight to that site and logged in automatically using your SAP OpenID. In future releases, our OpenID provider will (with your permission) automatically populate your registration details on those sites when you visit them, making it much easier to just use each site and get on with your day, without being distracted by too many registration forms. As some of you have pointed out on We are open for OpenID!, it would be good if we did this on SCN too – and it’s something we’re actively considering. The more people we hear from who want this, the more likely we are to implement it – so make yourself heard!

Finally, please bear with us in the early days of this pilot. At first, not all OpenID-enabled sites will work with an SAP OpenID – we’re trying to solve these compatibility issues, but there are many different implementations of OpenID out there, and some of them interpret the specifications a little differently. If you find OpenID-enabled sites that you want to use, and they don’t work with the SAP OpenID, just leave a comment on this blog and we’ll get around to fixing it as soon as we can.

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  1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo
    Darren…sorry…Dr Darren -:)

    I just test my SCN Open Id and it worked great! I think it’s just awesome that SCN had become an OpenId provider…really cool! -:D


  2. Marco ten Vaanholt
    Darren, I know you were one of the key drivers of this project and without you ( and a little of Maya.. ) this would have not been possible. Great job and it shows once more SAP is opening up literally as we speak.
    1. Darren Hague Post author
      Thanks Marco,

      You were also a key ingredient in this, of course. I shall never forget that as I came from backstage after an incredibly nerve-wracking demo of the ESME project for the TechEd 08 Demo Jam, you saying to me “so, when can you get OpenID working on SCN?”. Not the first thing on my mind at the time*, but I’m glad that we got there in the end.


      * The first thing on my mind was, “where can I get a cold beer?” 🙂

  3. Joseph Zeinoun
    Great job for implementing this capability on the SCN platform and making it an OpenID provider!
    Looking forward to chat about it @ TechEd Vienna 😉


  4. Dushyant Shetty
    Now that I’ve jumped onto the bandwagon as an SCN member, I need to get the LoD team to understand it’s possibilities…
    I believe I will be handing out homework shortly!
  5. Gregor Wolf
    Hi Darren,

    great to see OpenID progress on SCN. So perhaps my OpenID submission for Demo Jam has a chance :-).

    Just a hint for the German users having problems updating their Profile: @renaldwittwer mentioned that you have to switch the language of SCN to English, then the Profile update will work.

    Best regards

  6. Natascha Thomson

    thanks for the detailed instructions. It worked for me. One thing I noticed though is that I was allowed to pick any name in my profile, but then when I went to the OpenID site and entered my name, on the next page it cut the last letter off the name I had chosen. Because somebody else already has it?

    1. Darren Hague Post author
      Hi Natascha – I’ve noticed too that can sometimes chop a character off your name. It’s a… “feature” of theirs. We have lots of features, too. 😉


    1. Darren Hague Post author
      Hi Bettina,

      It’s really just a username like any other – so “bstrauss”, “bettinastrauss” or something similar would be fine.

      Best regards,

  7. I just tried to link my existing OpenID (non-SAP) to my SDN account: not possible.

    So, SCN’s OpenID seems to be one way road, just relying to itsself.

    But this way there’s no advantage in using OpenID.

    Once SCN starts to be a consumer of OpenIDs, not just a provider, it would be worth to use it.


      Peter Brockfeld

    1. Darren Hague Post author
      Hi Peter,

      As I said in my blog post, we are an OpenID Provider at this stage, and not a Consumer; also, this is a pilot project that will increase in scope over time. The advantage to you as a user is that you will not need to set up multiple usernames and passwords as you register with various SCN partner sites. These sites will use OpenID, and using a SAP OpenID means that they know you’re an SCN member – this may give you additional levels of access compared to other providers.

      Of course, we’re also hearing from you and others that becoming an OpenID Consumer is also important. That’s one reason why I provided the link in my blog to, where you can cast your vote for this to happen.

      I hope this helps to clarify things,

  8. Michael Simmons

    Is it possible to pass info that users share (like email address) to the relying party website?Is it possible? Where can i find the specs on how to implement?


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