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Objective: Send 10 messages to PI in 10 seconds.

1. Set PI configuration parameters

PI Parameters

2. Set Payload Information: In this case we put:

 Frecuency = 1 , Nº Messages  = 1 and Duration = 10

other option is:

 Frecuency = 2, Nº Messages = 2 and Duration = 10


 Frecuency = 5, Nº Messages = 5 and Duration = 10

Payload Information

 3. We start the test

 Starting the test


4. Once test is donde, We can see the time line.

Test finished



 Time Line

5.  We can save and check the log:

Saving Log


 Checking the log


6. Finally We can see the messages in PI moni





-The performance of the toll will depend on machine capacity.

-For better performance try to use “Frecuency” and “Nº Messages”

-The installer contains a quickly tutorial about the tool’s options

-Before starting the test, be sure that you user/password are the correct because your account could be blocked bacause many failed tries.


 I hope It would be useful.


 Download URL:



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  1. Former Member
    This looks like a great tool but when I download the zip file using the URL you provided I can open it. I’m getting a file corrupt message.
  2. Former Member
    Hello Jose –

    Excellent blog, but the URL for the download only permits 10 downloads, all of which have been used.  Can you post the doc to SDN so we can download from there?  Thanks!


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