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IFRS is Coming: Are you Ready?

IFRS is Coming: Are you Ready?

This is a question that many financial professionals in the US are being asked by their senior management as the pending changes required by IFRS adoption are becoming more widely known.  As a result, general interest in IFRS is increasing rapidly.  To help our customers answer this question and others, SAP is sponsoring a four-part IFRS webinar series highlighting recommendations on using SAP solutions, tools, and strategies to enable the transition to IFRS.  The series will also have presentations from the SAP corporate financial team detailing lessons learned from SAP’s own transition to IFRS. 

By attending the webinar series, you will have a much clearer picture of what the IFRS project means to your organization; what tools, solutions, and services are available from SAP to help with the transition; and some key lessons learned to take home based on SAP’s own IFRS project experience. 

In the first webinar on August 13, 2009 at 10 am PT/1 pm ET, James Fisher and I will present the “The SAP Roadmap for IFRS Compliance” covering SAP’s product roadmap and how SAP solutions provide the functionality required for businesses to implement IFRS.  It is important to note that SAP solutions are already IFRS capable with 1,000’s of customers currently reporting their financial results using IFRS.  The SAP Roadmap for IFRS Compliance” will present an IFRS implementation timeline and recommendations for SAP solutions that were developed based on real feedback from customers and partners as well as our own SAP corporate Finance group which reports under both IFRS and US GAAP.  To find out more and register for this and the other webinars in the series please go to the registration page.

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